A few years ago, I wrote a story about a man who dreams about his childhood


This story has a sequel, but this time Victor is the main character, and the
dreamer, a new one called Richard, is in his seventies. Richard’s dreams
are more vivid than his memory of his previous lives. Victor can not only
recognize the faces of his own childhood, but recalls many situations involving
his parents, grandparents, his brother Jimmy, and his father’s girlfriend.
This dream shows how Victor’s father was a real monster, who did not even
allow him to play with Jimmy. At the time of this dream, Victor was still a
boy who was in the midst of playing in the Hall of Fame. In the dream,
Richard tries to reach out to him when he wakes up. Richard was the one who
called him the “Rock and Roll Legend.” Richard is a musician, too, and knows
how to play the guitar, harmonica, piano, and synthesizer music. Richard’s
father did not like him to be out with his older brother in the hallowed
grounds of the Rock Hall, not that many men had been permitted to play there
before. When Victor was about twelve years of age, his father made him take
on the lead role, which was the first time the young man actually had a
career as a singer. After he got his first check, he bought a new
Rover that had the “Mascot” on the hood like his own when he was about
thirteen. It was the first motor vehicle that his father allowed him to drive.
His father had no problems with Victor playing the piano, or the piano
pianos. When his father wanted the young man around at night, he would have
Richard take him over to the hall and let him sing for the men who are lucky
enough to have had a career in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. His father
had a problem with his son’s talent and his son was not allowed to play in
the hall with his older brother, Jimmy.

Richard also remembered his mother, who lived with him during his childhood,
and did not get along with his father. His mother did not allow his father
to take the boy on rides when he was ten or so years old. His father was
about to turn on the gas stove to try to get the mother out of the house,
when she told her husband to leave his son alone. Victor was only about five
years old at the time this happened. His father turned the stove on and he
took off running. During Richard’s childhood, his parents were more
involved with his brother Jimmy, than they were with him, not that his
parents would ever admit this. The one thing that Richard could never do was
talk to his father.

After Victor leaves the dream world, something tells him that he still has
some work to do. Once he wakes up, he looks over the newspaper and sees that
his father won the governor’s race. This seems to be confirmation that
something is up. He puts on his clothes and goes downstairs. There are
television set and radios playing in different rooms. Victor sits on the
couch and calls his mother. He knows that she is at work. He does not tell
her about all of his dreams, but tells her that he will talk to her the
next day. She says that she will see him when she returns home.

On Monday morning, a young man named Richard stands in the elevator and
waits for the fifth floor. He checks his watch each time he gets to the
bottom floor, and when he reaches the floor right before the second level,
he looks up at the clock and sees that he is on time. It is now eleven
o’clock in the morning. He gets off the elevator and walks up to the
second floor. Richard is wearing a t-shirt that has several pictures of
himself on it, and he has not taken off his clothes since he woke up. The
young man looks at his phone and sees that he has almost run out of time
because he is supposed to pick up his younger brother at the school. He
finds the address for his brother’s school.

The young man enters the school and finds his brother Jimmy, who is sitting
in the desk with an empty paper cup in front of him. Richard walks over
to his brother and pours him a sip from the paper cup. He asks his brother
why he has not been at school, and then tells him to pick up his backpack
from him. The boy does as asked and the two are walking back to the car,
when the young man is approached. Richard pushes him away and tells him
to get into the car. He then drives the boy away. Jimmy is surprised to see
his brother and thinks that Richard is the man who came for him. The boy is
not sure which way to turn, to continue walking or to the school, but
Richard stops the car just long enough for the boy to pick up his
backpack. Richard then tells the young man to wait for him in the car, and
then he drives away.

Richard walks back to the hotel. He walks to his room and lays down for a
good half hour. It is now two o’clock in the afternoon and he is just about
to fall asleep. This is when he begins to dream about the girl in the
movie. She was very beautiful and she was just like Elizabeth Taylor. Her
husband was not there, but the two young people were just like in the scene
in the movie, as they walked down the hall toward the elevators. They were
trying to get to the car when the man approached. However, the driver could
not drive the car over the rough place. The man was trying to get the car
into the elevator when he ran into Richard in the hall. The man told Richard
to get into the elevator before he killed him. Richard did not believe him
at first, but he got angry. The man then made himself a phone call so he
could say that he did not want to lose the car on the way to the city.
However, Richard punched him in the nose. He was afraid to go to the
hospital, not because he was afraid, but because he was afraid of the
consequences he would face. He then took out his knife and hit him in the
mouth. He hit him again in the nose, then again in the leg. Finally, he
stabbed him in the stomach until he was dead. Richard then told Elizabeth
to go to the hospital, and that he would see her there, but he would not
tell her about his dream, not even that he was going to the hospital. She
still did not believe him.

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