Akosua went for a long walk, she needed to clear her mind and she needed a walk


Akosua went
for a long walk, she needed to clear her mind and she needed a walk. Not a sit
back and relax walk but she wanted to clear her mind. Akosua had a very strong
belief that if she would just get a clean slate, and she would be fine. She
would be so much more than what she is now. She found an empty field, she
walked in her bare feet. She walked for hours until her feet were blistered.
Akosua sat down the ground so she had a cushion to rest her legs on a little
bit at a time until she was good and rested. After she sat down, Akosua
watched the sky for a few hours.

“ I am here to see
Dora,” Akosua said confidently, “I have been running for days so I need to
cool my feet and stretch my legs,”
Akosua said. Dora is someone that she has been longing for. She has
waited long for her, it was not much to do but wait for her to come. That
means the waiting was over. Akosua smiled a little before whispering.
“Did the nurse tell you you were coming today?”, Akosua frowned, Dora came
here, she is not like her. Akosua was in no mood to be insulted, she had to
talk to her anyway.

“Well, yes, I spoke to
her briefly,” Dora looked down as she said her response, “But, I didn’t want
to come until I was sure but…” Dora looked up at Akosua, she was serious.
“ But what?” Akosua asked with a slight laugh, she didn’t want to insult
Dora so much. Akosua walked over and pulled Dora in a tight hug.
Akosua wrapped her arms around Dora tightly.

“ I am sorry but…” Akosua
said to Dora. Dora looked slightly embarrassed.
“I know you are sorry but you need to go and talk to her for yourself “ Akosua


Akosua woke up with
the alarm. She needed to wake up for a meeting, a meeting with her father.
It started out as a normal day. Akosua was hungry, she needed to find food to
eat. It seems that her father was in a meeting, Akosua ate the sandwich that
was given to her in bed and she took a shower. It was a Sunday, breakfast
was served at 8:00, Akosua was supposed to go eat it but she had decided to
run some errands for she had been working on various things for this day.
Akosua walked around for nearly an hour before she found somewhere to leave
the car. She walked passed the building where her father works, she turned
around and walked to another building. She saw the sign that said the school
was open. Akosua decided to walk in through the school.

“There’s my dad!” Akosua
said excitedly and she ran to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and
told him that she was the one that called his name. He told her that her
father is always busy when he comes in and told her that if it was her it
would be a good thing because she would finally meet him but it would not be
like this. Akosua and her father laughed. Akosua hugged her father back, and
she leaned and kissed him. Akosua told him that he knows that she hates him
and that she does not want to talk to him ever again. Her father gave her a
hug again and told her that he loves her, he does not want to let her go.
Akosua felt a little bit guilty for kissing her father but it was for the
first time in a long time, Akosua did not feel guilty of anything that had
happened since she was a baby; she did not feel anything. Akosua did not feel
anything, she felt that she had a smile on her face, Akosua had finally found
a little bit of happiness in her life. Akosua went outside the school to wait
for her dad to finish and then she would be able to go meet him, but first she
would call his boss and tell her that she was going home. Akosua took her
car to meet her father with two things in her bag. The first thing that she
used her car to bring was a gift, she put on her father’s car seat. The
second thing that she brought was a letter. Akosua held her hand on her
father’s neck as she read the letter. Akosua read the letter as she kept
looking at her father. After she read it she let go of her father’s neck.
Akosua walked away with the letter.


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