Alice had made up the story about the doll which she had found in her garden, and she had told it to Adele B


Alice was convinced, that, if she told the truth, Adele B. would try to
convert her into a lesbian because the story gave her the impression that she
was, to him, but this did not concern her, as, she knew, Adele B. was not so
simple as that.

When Alice had not managed to get rid of that imaginary Adele, she had
decided to tell the whole truth to the few people, who had made her into
belle, or who had made her into a heroine.

It was not easy to get rid of the imaginary Adele B., but Alice had managed
to do it. She was tired of the idea that the doll she had found in her garden
was the one who had been killed.

Some days had passed in the small town. The time had come to find Alice
again. Alice went to the place where she had lived her life for more than
thirty years with Norma, where she had worked for more than forty years. She
had no reason of not to go there, as she had made one telephone call, she had
gone to the address she had got in the phone book. Here she had found a
neighborhood on the outskirts of the town which had once been her and Norma
sitting out in the patio, on a warm summer night, when she had told Norma that
she had made up the story about the doll found in her garden.

When Alice was there, Adele B., who had been looking for her, looked for
Alice too. The women had the same age. Adele was more than likely to be
telling the same story of the doll found in the garden.

Alice had managed to get rid of this imaginary Adele B., and now she had
managed to get rid of the imaginary Alice. What was left, however, was the
story, which Adele had not told the woman who was waiting for Alice, and this
story, which had been told by Alice, attracted again, a new series of
hypotheses, most of them malevolent. And the story told by Alice, after
having been told many times, came to acquire the name of “The Black Dahlia”.

The Black Dahlia

In the town of L’Hermitage, in the province of Quebec, Canada, there lived
Alice and her best friend and confidante, Norma. Alice was forty years old,
Norma was forty-four. Alice was divorced, Norma had two children, twelve and
eleven years of age. Alice had a small apartment where Norma lived in with
her. Norma had a small apartment on the second floor, her bedroom, which she
shared with a man who was not her husband. No, he was her lover. This
relationship had developed during the spring and summer of 1965. Norma had
not been able to give birth to a child of her own, but she had been carrying
her baby for a long time. Alice and Norma both had given up the hope of having
babies. Norma was no longer a beautiful woman. Alice was often reminded of
the physical signs of her age (which were already disappearing from her body),
but she was not ready to admit it as she had no time for it. She used to say
that she only had time for what she needed. When Norma had asked her to come to
her room she had told her that she was going for a walk with her lover. It was
after she had left, at around noon, that a neighbour, she, who was the
secretary of the local council of the town, who had been looking for Norma,
had heard loud voices coming from the house. The voices were hers and
Norma’s. She had immediately called the police. Norma had told Alice about it
that afternoon, but Alice was not sure, as she did not know what had happened
to her. Norma was sure that she was with somebody, although she did not tell
her who. She did not know who it was, but she had understood who it was. She
was going out with him. Who could it be? The local police officers had
arrived while Norma was with someone. At that time, Norma was with Mr. S.,
their neighbour, who had been called to the police station and the men had
carried her, naked, to her apartment. Norma had said that she would go out to
buy some flowers. Who was it who had caught her in the act? Norma had not
wanted that anybody knew that she was with her lover, as this would have made
it possible for him to come back and to see her.

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