As he sat in his shelter at the top of the tower, the wind was still blowing through the trees around him


When he had finished with his tour, he found that the
tree had stopped trembling and he was even able to straighten his own arms and
take a deep breath of the air. It was still, and quiet.

was on one of the outermost platforms of the tower. Now that it was
comfortable and the wind was no longer blowing through the trees, he was able
to sit a little more comfortably.

Though he was disappointed that the tree had stopped
trembling, he understood that it was a result of the movement of the tower
itself. The wind through the top of the tower was so soft, the tree
surrounded by the massive walls of the tower swayed slightly and his arms

It was then that he noticed that the
tree had no leaves, no branches, and no leaves above it. When he tried to
reach out of his shelter in order to pet the tree, he discovered that
nothing was there but the trunk and the canopy.

had no choice and he knelt on the platform and petted the tree that he
thought would never again produce a leaf. It was for this reason alone that
he thought to use the tree as a kind of bed. He sat in it with his back
against one of the outer walls of the tower, and pulled away the canopy to
the side. The light was slightly better by now, and he could see a few
stars in the sky. The moon was also a small crescent, now.

sat in his shelter in silence. He tried to picture what it was like to live
under the skies when there was no moon and when there were no stars. And the
thought came suddenly to him: What would it be like to live in a world in
which there was no moon or no stars, just the trees? He wondered. He tried
not to think of it.

had no choice but to admit to himself that he was beginning to feel a
little lonely. He could see the door of his shelter at the opposite end of
the platform, and he wondered if he should go look at it.

sat for a long time in his shelter, not wanting to open the door, but
finally, he did. It was dark inside. He had been able to see in to the room
with his eyes alone, and he had made sure that it was dark enough so
that he could not see anyone coming.

at once he felt the sudden change. He heard a door open. The next moment, an
otherworldly, cold light fell on the chamber.

heard whispering. A cold wind blew through the chamber and he started
shivering. He looked around and saw a shadow moving. It was the shadow of a
person in the room, a long thin man in a black suit with a very prominent
chin and a pale face. The wind picked up again and he felt a cold draft coming
from the man and he looked out through the window where he saw the moon
shining brightly on the tops of the buildings in the city.

man turned to his left and, from the shadow of his face, he could not tell
whether the man was old or young, tall or short. He was holding a gun. He
looked up at the moon and then the shadow with the gun, and he wondered what
could be happening to him. Had he been trapped in his shelter and then been
kidnapped? Had he fallen through a trapdoor and been buried underground?

day he had come to the tower to find a map, he had found only a
secreted staircase and was beginning to wonder if he would ever be able to
find the stairs. He had found a secret room. There were a number of
enormous pipes that reached the roof of the building. They were connected
to the city’s water supply. There were large valves on either side of the
room and one of the valves was almost closed. He had felt the cold air
flowing through the pipes and had realized instantly that the valves were
there to shut down the system when the water level rose to a certain point.
The system was meant to protect the city from flooding, as the water would
start to build up inside the pipes and, sooner or later, they would overflow
and the water would rise.

had been trapped from the first. He had felt the cold wind blowing through
the room and looked out through the window. He saw the moon shining
through the trees in the distance and he realized that he could sense that
there was something wrong. However, he could only guess that the problem was
probably the valves, but he did not have a clue as to what the valves were

wondered if he could somehow open the valves and flood the city. The man
with the gun sat in a chair in the corner of the room. The shadow of his
shoulder was in the corner and the position looked to be his normal one, but
he was doing something as he turned his head towards the door.

he began to turn it. When he realized that the figure in the corner was
wearing a black suit, he assumed he was the shadow himself and he sat down
on the edge of the chair. At the same time the shadow, also wearing a suit,
turned a light on inside the room and held up the gun so that the light
could shine up at the ceiling and then pointed it at the man sitting in the
corner, who by now had started to rise up from his seat.

the light hit the man in the corner, the wind outside was so strong that
the shadow was thrown back. The lights inside were on now and when the man
turned to the window, he was shocked to see a large tree standing there
beneath the moon. A loud rumbling was heard and he looked up to the window
and saw the wall of the room shaking. It shook so much that the window
came crashing to the floor. He leapt out of his chair, knocking over the
heavy table and broke through his shelter.

tree began to shake in a violent way. The man, who had pulled off his
black suit, was standing before the tree, a gun in his hand, trying to push
the tree towards him.

had seen what he had seen and he was scared. He wanted to see what would
happen next. He wanted to get inside the tower and find the stairs before
the water reached the valve, but the tree was coming towards him.

had no idea what to do. He realized that he could not go back to his place
of shelter where he would be trapped again. The man with the gun came up
from behind him and threw the gun away. It struck the tree and bounced
against the front of the building and the sound of the bullets hitting the
tree sent several pieces down.

man was still advancing towards him with the gun. When he saw that the
tree had taken another hit from the bullets, he had no choice but to leap
from the building, and he ran towards the tree, shouting instructions to the
shadow in the corner, who he guessed was his partner.

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