As Mark walked into the casino, his smile turned into a nervous grin, as he waited for the cashier to take his card


But then something out of nowhere caught his eye, and as he watched
Samuel, his friend, take his card, his smile began transforming into a
confident smirk. His eyes sparkled, as if they were about to burst into
song, and the casino doors opened, allowing a stream of people coming into
the casino.

“Oh my God! This is unbelievable!” Samuel said with a triumphant grin, as
it transformed into shock expression, after witnessing Mark’s reaction.

“Do you know what I’ve got in my hand?” Mark exclaimed, “100,000 dollars,
for someone other than myself to beat the Kansas City Chiefs. I guess I have
a gift from God,” he said, then looked up at the cashiers to see if he had
just spoken some sort of blasphemy.

“Well,” Mark was about to say, to tell Samuel of his gift, when a
confident smile broke from his lips, as he realized he was not the only one
who had a good guess of what he had in his hands. He realized the cashier
was staring at his wallet, his cards, and his watch. He saw the casino
cashier look at his hand, then back at his wallet and cards. Mark looked at
Samuel, and he saw Samuel’s eyes locked onto his. The casino cashier
stared back at Samuel, his lips forming into a confident smirk.

“Are you sure you don’t know what I’ve got in my hand?” Mark asked.
Samuel’s lips parted in disappointment, as their eyes locked for one
last time, then, the casino cashier took his card, his eyes locked onto

“My boss just had a very nice dinner. And he can’t wait to be able to
come here. My boss, and I, have taken an early lunch, so he will be here a
little after twelve. Do you want to join me for lunch?” Mark was so
enthusiastic, he gave another nervous grin, and suddenly, he became
possessive of Samuel, hugging Samuel.

“No thank you. I have to work, and take care of my father.” Samuel
said, then looked at Mark, clearly questioning whether or not Mark really
had a gift from God.

“We have to go,” Mark said, as he helped Samuel into his jacket, and
grabbed Mark’s arm to pull him away from the cashier, who had a look of
confusion on his face. The smile on Mark’s face told Samuel that Mark was
not upset by the cashier’s look, his smile just transformed into one of
awkward embarrassment, as he held onto Mark’s arm to help him into his

“No, I don’t want to be late. I need to talk to you.” Mark said, looking
into the cashier’s eyes to see if he was going to protest. His eyes locked
with the cashier’s, and the cashier knew, he did not like Mark’s
solution. He thought to himself, this man has no respect for his
company. He then looked at Mark again, “But I also won’t be late. And
Mark said he’d be late.” Mark tried to talk around the casino cashier,
but the cashier would not let him slip away.

“You are late, my friend,” Mark said, giving Samuel a pat on his
cheek, “But it’s not the money, is it? I really appreciate you, but I
don’t have time to talk now. I have a meeting with my boss, and my
friend, he has his business in the building, but I don’t want to give you
any idea, why we are meeting. Let’s do lunch.” Mark smiled, his eyes
blinking, as he looked up and down the line of cashiers, then whispered to
Samuel, “Are you coming?”

“Yes,” Samuel whispered back, as Mark led Samuel through a side door
into the building, then out the back door and to their private elevator.
Mark took his time, walking with Samuel around and through the building to
the cafeteria. Mark pushed open the door, and led Samuel up to the table
and the lunch specials. Mark had placed a large platter of crab legs, and
a platter of nachos, and had put out bottles of water and juice. He placed
a small bowl of pretzels and chips on the table, and asked Samuel, if he
was hungry.

“I’m starved. Let’s order.” Mark ordered, as he held out a menu.

“I can’t eat any more of that. What did you expect me to do, drink the
rest of the water and water it down all by myself? I’ve been eating
lunch for two hours, and I could probably eat another couple of pounds.”

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