As the days lengthen and the nights lengthen, the seasons change


All this change is at once very familiar and strangely unfamiliar, for we
have become well used to the order of events. The seasons have been arranged
in roughly the same way for at least a billion years or more because animals
and plants adapt to their environment and adapt or die to their environments.

But, just as our lives are built on stability, we tend to become accustomed
to the regularity of nature and forget the radical nature of each season.
This season, that season, last season are all just regular things; every
natural phenomenon has its own seasons, and each of them brings something
different and exciting. The world is not a static place; everything changes,
changes, changes; new and ancient are always in play, never the same.

The human mind is not yet suited for such a complex
understanding of the world, and so it comes to pass that we, too, are
constantly trying to understand the meaning of each season. We are searching
for some meaning or purpose behind the seasons, often to the neglect of their
radical nature.

Most often in these efforts at understanding, we are reduced to
scientific theories which are constructed in order to explain the
phenomena and predict the behaviour of nature and its creatures. But to
understand nature, it is best to accept its own way of doing things. Nature
moves differently to us, and we are not always equipped to understand it. So
we are left trying to understand it with our own human brains, which, as we
have been reminded at least once in the last few hundred years, are not
built to understand such intricate matters.

Many writers have tried to describe the mysteries of this season,
sometimes in great detail and sometimes just in brief, vague descriptions
that leave the mystery unexplained. I would like to try to do something

In Nature, we are constantly being asked to change, adapt to, or
overcome the forces of nature, and nature is always and only on our side,
never against us. Nature is not against us, but it is always with us and
always acting against us. We must not try to defeat nature with our
superiority, or our weakness, or with our lack of knowledge or with our
inability to change, our ability to be changed, our ability to understand
these radical changes is our best strength.

If we, as humans, understand our lives and understand the world around
us, we can learn to appreciate nature. Then we can take great pleasure in
its beauty and in the beauty of our own lives. We can accept and live with
its radical changes. We can live with change; it is the true source of all
knowledge and understanding. We can be happy in the richness of nature,
accept the diversity of its life, and understand the meaning of each season
and its changes with our human brains.

We, too, are the creative source of change; we are the ones that can make
nature and our lives come to terms with radical changes and so transform
them and transform ourselves. Nature is always with us and always changing,
and its change will never bring us down. Our knowledge of the world around us
can help us to understand nature, but the true source of our power is in our
ability to accept and change, to change, to change the changes that
nature brings.

If we learn to understand nature, then nature will not be the enemy,
but our friend. Then, we will be one of the most powerful forces in nature,
and we will be able to change and adapt to each season. We, too, will be
one of nature’s greatest sources of knowledge and understanding.

Our life is like a story that takes place in the changing seasons.
In Nature there are always more than one endings, and the endings are always
radical as the story changes each time. So, even though the changes within
each season are always more radical than the changes in the other seasons,
they are all part of one story of change, and each change takes us towards a
new ending.

When we are born, we are still in the womb, and our minds are in
breathing the air of our mother’s womb. The air of this world, of
Nature, is the breath of life. If we can accept it, if we can breathe and
live from it, then our own body can become as a living breathing organism,
and then the human mind can also become a living breathing organism.

So in the end, all our minds, all our thoughts and desires, all our
pain and sorrows can become the breath of our own life, and in due course,
all of these things can be healed, transmuted, transmuted into the
life-giving breath of Nature, and so we can breathe the breath of our life,
the breath of Nature. Then all our pain and sorrow which are part of our
natural being, our nature, can become our true natural self, the True Self,
and everything beyond that which we normally call human experience, can
become our true experience.

This is the true human nature which is our source of knowledge of self and
nature. If we love ourselves, our love will come to flower in our own life,
and we will come to love and feel the beauty of our own life in the beauty
of Nature.

Now, many people, including many scientists and writers, have written
about and portrayed Nature and Nature’s changing seasons, but still, we are
not yet able to accept them and to accept them fully. Most people still
think that Nature is against them and will fight against them. They still
think that Nature and Nature’s laws are the enemy, and they think that
Nature will never give them a fair go.

Now, most scientists and writers tell us that the cycles of nature and
the seasons are eternal; they cannot be changed, and if we are wise, we
should accept them. But for many of us, we are still trying to change

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