Diane smoked a cigarette and drank a glass of water


She smoked another cigarette and drank a glass of water. She smoked another
cigarette and drank a second glass of water. And then she smoked another
cigarette and drank a third glass of water. And then she smoked another
cigarette and drank a fourth glass of water. And then smoking became the
only thing she could do for herself. Smoking herself to sleep, she hoped, and
then she would wake up to see nothing but blue skies, with the snow coming


was in front of the refrigerator in her bedroom. She saw herself in the mirror
on the way to the kitchen. Her hair was straight and thick and it fell to her
shoulders and her hips from the middle of her back. She pulled a hair comb
from under a stack of pillows and tied her red hair. She thought that she
would get out of bed and have some coffee and put on a pot of water for her
to cook the pot of coffee. She sat down at the kitchen table. She had on a
white T-shirt and a pair of black slacks that she had worn yesterday
yesterday. She put on her white socks, she put on a pair of white boots
that she had worn yesterday, and then she put on her white raincoat. She used
the sink to rinse and then she used the stove to heat water for her coffee.

She put on her white and red sneakers, she put on the belt that she had
worn yesterday, and then she took her white umbrella out of the closet and
covered it with the red towel that she brought with her today. She walked to
the front door of the house, she put the umbrella and the red umbrella in the
closet, and then she opened the door and then stepped out into the bright

She opened the umbrella and she stepped onto the sidewalk and then she put
her right foot forward onto the street and then she lifted her left leg and
then she stepped down onto the sidewalk with a little bounce to each step and
then she turned left, she turned left and she turned right, and then she
turned right and then she turned right, until she got to the curb in front of
the house. She went into the house and she set her white umbrella on the
couch and she sat down on the couch and she pulled her black slacks up over
her thighs that were too big for them and then she pulled the red hair
combs to the top of her head that she had put on yesterday and then she tied
it into some buns. She was almost done when she thought that she might as
well cook the pot of coffee. She put two spoons and two cups and four mugs
and then she put two tablespoons of sugar and four spoons of flour in a
saucepan and then she put the cups of hot water in the sink and then she
lifted the pot of coffee out of the refrigerator and then she put it on the
coffee table in the kitchen. She didn’t mind the hot water on the table,
although the smell of the coffee made her wince. She had two cups of coffee
and two mugs of water and then she turned around and took a sip of the coffee.
The coffee was weak and thin, but the aroma was good. She went into the
closet to get out the milk and then she poured the milk into her bowl from the
jug and then she poured the milk into the coffee. It was so good, that she
was tempted to put the bowl and the jug with the milk in the fridge. But she
told herself to be careful, and she put the bowl and the jug on the table and
then she poured a tiny bit of hot water over the coffee. And then she poured
one very small bit of milk into the coffee.

She pulled her slacks up to her thighs and sat at the kitchen table with
the pot of coffee, the two cups of hot water, the sugar, the hot water, the
milk and then she stared at the ceiling that had a blue sky with white
circles where the snow was falling. And she tried to remember some things
from last night, but she had no idea what had happened. She remembered being
told to do some different things when she had been told to do them that were
so strange to her, that she was afraid that she might forget the things that
she had not done and then she would be left in a state of confusion.

She looked into the coffee as it steamed in the pot. It was good, although
she wished that she had made more. Then she decided that this pot of
coffee would make a fine breakfast and she got up from the table and she
placed the pot and the two cups of coffee and the milk on the table and she
turned around and said good morning to Diane. Diane responded with a
cheerful hello. She poured the coffee in the cups and she walked over to the
closet to get out the mugs and then she sat down at the kitchen table with
the coffee and she took a sip out of the cup. The coffee was good. She loved
the taste of the coffee. She set the two mugs in front of herself. And she
took a sip of the coffee.

After that, she went to the kitchen and she was just finishing cleaning up
the kitchen when Diane walked out of the living room with a mug of coffee
and a plate of bacon and egg sandwiches and a glass of orange juice,
followed by her cup of coffee. The sun came through the kitchen windows and
the white cupboard doors were reflecting the sunlight. Diane had not heard
anything from her since the alarm had gone off in the middle of the night.
Since then, she had been doing some things with the kids. The kids had had
some fun but they were a little rough with the dog, which was still sitting in
the living room, panting, with the two little girls and the two little boys
as his favorite toys. The dog’s favorite toys were the two little girls. The
kids had taken their turn at the dog, which was doing its best to not give up
the food, but they were not having much success. She set the plate on the
floor next to the couch that had a pillow on it. Then she set her mug of
coffee down and she walked over to the couch and then she sat down across
from Diane.

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