Genevive and Evey were born on the same day


Evey was born on October 18, but Halloween is a day that makes everyone
pregnant, so Genevive was born on October 18. She is 5 months old.

Evey has no interest whatsoever in the color of her hair. If you were to ask
her what hair color she thinks her hair is, she thinks you’re stupid. It’s
the color of our daughter’s hair. All her life. She has the same brown hair
color as the other girls.

Evey is very independent. I have no clue how much more she would
prefer to do. I think we can go into a room and out of it would come
Evey. If you tell her to stay, she does. If you tell her to come, she does.
Evey is a genius. I have no clue what she thinks.

I just can’t think of another child who would be this awesome. If it was
possible to take Evey’s thoughts and translate them into something I could
understand, I would have done it.

She is a super-smart little girl. And she is the best friend I could ever
have in my whole life.

We did spend the first 9 months of her life in and out of hospitals. She was
diagnosed with congenital diaphragmatic hernia. We couldn’t find a doctor
who would listen to us when we wanted to tell him that Evey did not have a
definitive diagnosis. The diagnosis was a waiting game. We moved up and down
a ton of hospitals. We told the doctor that we were having some medical issues
that could affect our Evey. He told us he didn’t have time for those kinds of
things. Then he told us that he had time and money for what he did and that
he would be in contact.

When we moved Evey to the pediatric floor of the hospital, we brought a
crib with us. It was made out of a pallet that had been cut and painted and
then painted again. We had no idea how to put the stuff together.

We brought it with us to the hospital because even though it was made of
thickness the wood that was used was thin so we thought that if we put it in
the crib, the wood would not matter.

Once in the hospital, we had to take Evey to be seen by her pediatrician who
was a very kind man who listened when we explained that we were very
confused about our Evey’s health. He was very compassionate and very kind.
We sat in the waiting room and he listened and he told us that we had a lot of
time and that he had money for our Evey. Then we had a follow up visit with Evey’s
possible doctor. His advice was different. He didn’t think that Evey had any
issues at all. He told us that Evey would just become a different person because
our new baby was in the hospital that she would never be able to see any kind
of health care provider again. He told us that she did not have any health
problems. Then he told us that we had to call the pediatrician back and tell him
about some medical issues Evey had.

When we called the pediatrician back, he told us that we had to wait until he
received more medical reports. We told the pediatrician that our daughter was in
the hospital. He told us to tell our daughter the exact same thing he told us
to make sure she got an accurate diagnosis so that she wouldn’t get the
same bad advice as the first doctor.

We decided to talk to the hospital nutritionist for Genevive. She gave us an
additional diagnosis: we had to go to the hospital for a feeding tube. She
explained that if we didn’t go to the hospital, our daughter would get a
tube that would look like a garden hose. This would happen every time she
needed to be fed.

Our baby was born with a hole in her lung. She was born with a
definitive diagnosis.

Evey had been running a fever for a few days before we went to the hospital.
At the hospital she was given the first antibiotic of the entire hospital.

It never came into play. We were told that if we took antibiotics she was at
risk of having pneumonia. We were told that if we didn’t take antibiotics she
would be at more risk of brain damage and maybe even death.

The doctors told us to feed Evey and Evey’s
mother (me) and Evey’s grandmother (Evey’s mom) and Evey’s family (her
father, her mother’s mom, and her brother). They told my husband and I that
they wanted us to feed Evey and not Evey’s mother and sisters.

Evey is an extremely healthy and independent little girl. When we first went
to the hospital to feed her, we fed Evey in the corner of a room with Evey’s
exact opposite. We fed her in the nurse’s station in the same area where the
nurses, technicians, and doctors were.

Her mother and grandmother and her brother and
father lived on the other side of the hallway from us. I walked up and down the
hallway every day and I tried to feed Evey in the area where her mother,
grandmother, and brother went. I found a spot that was safe.

Evey’s father and grandmother refused to even come near our room because they
were afraid of what would happen to us.

We were told that we’d get Evey back the next day if we took her out of the
nurse’s station. She was only allowed to feed us in the nurse’s station.

If we took Evey to the hospital, we would have to take her to the emergency
room. They wouldn’t do an X-ray for the little girl. They told us they wanted
to keep her as healthy as possible. This was our first and only hospital

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