If you want to be a lucid dreamer, you have to train your brain in a way that is compatible with your dreaming mind


In other words, it’s not that your brain can’t do anything in a dream. It
can’t. Instead, it can. It’ll do it, but it can’t know exactly how to do it.
It has to train itself to respond in a way that is compatible with your
dreaming mind, so it knows what it’s doing and can do it without thinking about
it. This is what you want.

This also means that you’re not just dreaming your life away. It’s not
important how much of your life is in a dream state in the moment. Your brain
wants to keep things in its logical place. What matters is that you can think
about the fact that you’re dreaming.


There is a difference between being hallucinating and being lucid. Your
brain, when it’s really sleeping, is in a state of consciousness that can
appear to be dreaming, but that’s only because your mind has been trained to
look for hints of dreaming in the normal waking state. That’s why in your
dream, there are things that appear crazy. If your brain had been properly
trained, your experience would be more realistic.

But this does not mean it’s not a reality; it’s just a different kind of
reality. While your brain’s consciousness is not dreaming, it is not, in
fact, sleeping.


It takes work, skill training. This is the same process of training your
mind into awareness of its own dream reality.

It’s like a child learning how to ride a bike. You learn how to pedal. You
learn how to pull a handle. You pull a handle and you pedal. You learn that you
can pull the handle, but it’s entirely on the bike, instead of in the air or
on the ground. Over time, you learn that you can push pedals as well as pull
handles, but your pedals are on the ground, and your hands are in the air.
You learn that you can do both, but only if you let yourself.

Once you become a lucid dreamer, your mind is already well-trained in your
dreaming reality. You have no idea how you did it, but you’re well-trained to
become aware of your mind’s dream reality. This means that when you lucid
dream, you’re not thinking about what you see, and the world outside of your
brain stays exactly the same.

You just have to let yourself, and your mind, know about it. Your brain gets
out of its default dream state and becomes lucid. When you know it’s a dream,
it’s on to something else.

Now, because your brain’s consciousness is in a dreaming state, the world
outside of your mind isn’t really the same. Your waking consciousness is
different, but your brain is well-trained to be able to experience it without
knowing what it’s experiencing.

Lacking a Mind

This happens during the dream state, when your mind and spirit are merged
into one, not when you’re conscious but asleep. So if your mind is merged with
your spirit, the world around you and your personality are in another dimension
than when you’re waking.

Lack of a mind means that your personality is not a physical, material being.
Your personality is what you imagine it to be. You use other people to tell
the story of your personality, but you’re creating it yourself.

And that is because you’re not thinking. Your soul’s consciousness is a
being that can be in a dream state or a waking state simultaneously. Your soul
is not separate from your body. Your soul is completely merged with your body
and everything else.

You are a person who can have two distinct personalities. The physical being
you have under your skin and see with your eyes, the soul you see with your
spiritual eyes. When you dream, your soul is dreaming the world and you are
the person dreaming it.

Your body is a material, physical being. It has one set of neurons and one
set of brain cells. It has body parts. It is physical.

Your spiritual being, meanwhile, is not a material, physical being. It is
spiritual. When it’s in a dream state, everything around it is spiritual, not
material. It becomes a material, physical being when it’s asleep, when it
loses its consciousness to your physical body, when it awakens.

This makes a huge difference in your personality. You don’t wake up in the
morning thinking about what you’re gonna do today. You wake up knowing what you
are. When you’re lucid dreaming, you wake up in the morning wanting to do
something but you’re not able to. This is because the mind and body are not
in a single state, you are not sleeping, but you are still dreaming.

There’s no time when you can wake up and think about what you’re going to
do today. You’re always dreaming at the same time. That’s why in a dream,
waking up means waking up from a dream. It means being in a dream where you
are sleeping now.

Lack of a physical body means that you are not a physical person. This is
the mind we talked about earlier. It’s the same mind that is behind the
physical body. It is the same self which can be in a dream state or a waking
state at the same time.

So when you awaken, you’re not just waking up, you’re also waking up from a

Dream Your Life

What do I mean by “dream your life”? Imagine you wake up and you’re sitting
in the kitchen and the refrigerator is on, and it’s not on.

If you had woken up and that refrigerator was on, you would think “Good
morning! I can’t be here any more, I’m back in my dream!”

When you’re lucid dreaming, by contrast, you wake up and you find out that
there’s no fridge on in the kitchen.

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