I’m sharing some tips and tricks on how to practice lucid dreaming


The secret to lucid dreaming is making the brain aware that it’s in a dream,
and then learning to take control of that fact. This can be achieved with a
series of simple tasks, actions, and intentions. The list is too long for
me to include, but if it looks interesting, please send me a link to something
I’ve missed. It doesn’t have to be in a written form. It can take the form of
the above, or it can be in a video.

The video above is a simple, single step, 5 minute long action that anyone
could do to practice lucid dreaming. It’s a small thing that can make a big
difference and I’m sharing it to get people thinking about the concept and to
showcase the concept for those who may not be able to grasp it.

It’s a small action, but it has a huge effect.

Maybe this can be used to find out if you are really in a dream, or if you
are just sleepwalking.

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