It was the first day of my new job, and I didn’t know what to expect


So that day when I slept at the hotel, I didn’t sleep a wink. A lot of
investigators were coming to my home. They were taking notes, following
everything I did. It was going to be a long 2 years. I needed to be on my
‘A’ game. I had to do my best like I always did for my job. The first thing I
was doing was checking and logging onto MI6. They were so slow that day. But I
logged in as usual. Suddenly, I logged in. I looked at who was logged on as
me. There was no one.

“No one? Are you sure? This cannot be right!”

A new message came in. The sender had to have just logged off, but the
recipients name was right. I logged out and looked at the list of all the
messages. I found my message waiting for me.

“A meeting has been arranged in 3 hours,” it said.

In 2 hours I was going to be a million miles away from my job. I couldn’t
escape. I had to go back. I had to report back to my boss, and then to the
station. I sat in the car for 2 hours, and watched the sun rise from the
clouds above the city. The sky in front of me was red. Then the sky turned
green. Then it turned to blue. Then it turned yellow. In the yellow sky I saw
my dream. It was an ocean of green. The only time I have wanted to swim so
much in the ocean.

At 5 the next day, my boss called me to his office. He had some very bad news
for me. It was that a major was shot dead for us. His family was going to
pay a huge price, and he was going to be taken care of. All I had to do was to
report in 3 days. Then I would be a million miles away from my job.

I had to be there in 3 days. My boss said to me, “Your job is so important
that it is worth dying for. If you can’t do it as per our expectations, you’ll
be considered a failure.” I didn’t agree. My goal was to escape the major’s
house and report back to my boss. “It can be done,” I told him. My friend
Pamela came to have dinner with me. We talked for a while about everything.
When we returned to the office, my boss said, “Why don’t you go home for a while
now. Come back tomorrow morning.”

I went home then took a cab to the Major’s house. The first thing he did was
to fire all his security guards. Then he opened the door for me. He hugged me
so I could feel my cheek on his. He asked me to sit down and explained the
situation to me. When he realized that I was from the MI5, he went red in the
face, and said, “I don’t know who you are, but you have to report to me to do
my job.”

“Sorry, Sir, I’m not the person you want me to be,” I said to him.

“Who are you then?”

“I’m just a student from MI5. I live in London.”

“Are you studying for a degree?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“There’s a lot of money in my bank account. You will be paid for your
service in full,” he said to me.

“Sir, the agency is bankrupt. We have no money. The agency is broke,” I
said to him.

“Your salary will be taken care of the moment we find who killed you. We
will also compensate you too,” my boss said to me. “There is a limit to what
some of our agents can spend. This is a very special case.”

“You mean this agency is run by a group of people who are connected?”

“We are a big company that has over 100 members in the agency, but there
aren’t more than 3 who are really close. The rest of them know each other
very well. We have an unofficial network of people who are also agents. Now,
I’m afraid you will have to spend some time in a prison.”

“A prison, Sir?”

“That’s right. You will be the first one to report to us from our prison.
You have to be the first agent to enter the prison. Once you enter the prison,
I’ll talk to you. Then you will be transferred to another branch. You will be
with me 24 hours day.”

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