I’ve been hearing a lot of horror stories about the swine flu pandemic


I guess you could say it’s all about control of the population. So they can
control us, as much as possible.

I had another thought. How come, people who read history books never seem to
feel a bit sad when they find out we never experienced World War 2, or Pearl
Harbor, or Hiroshima or Auschwitz? People who read history books go
nonchalant, not thinking the world is going to end.

I guess we just always have the most important things to worry about.

I know.

Hence, the horror.


We’ve been living with this virus for the last eight months. The pandemic
started around December 31, and was officially announced on January 23. That
means it’s been over eight months since we’ve been infected by it, right?

Yes, but we are still living with it. Right?

I know! Yeah!

So, now, eight months later, we’re still under it, and we’re not giving up!

But what does that mean?

The government hasn’t come forward with any specific measures for how we
should behave, yet. We live in a country where governments are all over the

Yeah, I think I saw the news. We are living in a very bad period.

But you don’t know when the next crisis is going to happen, right?

What, like in eight years?

I mean, in eight years from now, or eight months from now?

I don’t know, I don’t know what the future is going to bring.

The only thing anyone knows for sure about the pandemic is that we must take
care of one another, and we don’t know when we will be infected next. We
just have to make sure we keep away from as many people as possible.

So, it seems like a good policy to me. How are we supposed to live with
people around us if we all stay inside, right?

If we’re all under quarantine, then maybe, just maybe, we won’t get the

Even if we did, at least we’d be alive to fight it.

Don’t even entertain the thought that I would live long enough to do that!

You’re not a fool. You should know that I have seen far worse.

But seriously, people don’t like to admit they’re scared, right? I mean, we
know that we need our security.

We always need to be afraid, and that’s what makes us safe. We’re safe
because we all live in fear, and we all do our best to protect ourselves from
that fear.

That’s why we live in fear, right? You can’t live if you know that the
pandemic can happen to you at any moment. You can’t take care of anyone if you
can’t trust them with your life.

I’m not trying to be a jerk. We’re all scared, and the only way to get rid of
that fear is to face it. It’s not an easy thing. Right? It’s like being a kid.
We take care of ourselves, we exercise, we do our best to keep our mind/body
from being a slave to fear, and we realize that it’s okay to be scared. Right?
That’s how we learn to deal with our fear. And life is just like that. We
think about our fear, and we do something to deal with it. We learn to face it.
So, it doesn’t matter how much we know about fear, we can deal with it.

We don’t use that knowledge to make ourselves even or stronger, right? We
just use that fear to become stronger. That’s how life is supposed to be. Right?

What’s going to happen to us when we die?

I don’t know. I don’t know.

Can I be honest?

Sure. You can be honest with me.

I feel like I’m about to die of boredom.

The news is not that bad.

Well, that’s not true. We’ve seen our share, over the last couple of weeks.

But look, I’m still hoping that there will be some sort of treatment soon, and
we will get through this.

It’s just like the news is. We all hope for some sort of progress. Some
solution. Right?

Yeah, but I see the same old thing. Even the news about the treatments gets
updated. We keep hoping.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we never knew about them! I really hope they help.

I don’t know. Maybe they will come to us, later, after humanity has recovered
from this pandemic.

I think that would be a good thing.

We are going into uncharted territory!

Yeah. So, I’m tired of this news. I’m tired of seeing all these
pandemics. I’m tired of these things happening.

I think we should be happy that we have something to fight!

I don’t know.

That’s all I have to say about that. I’m tired of all this.

It’s like it’s just a game to them.

All I can say is I want to live happily forever.

This is the most boring conversation I’ve been in all week.

Maybe you need to relax and watch Netflix.

It’s a good idea. Thank you.

I’m here for anything.

Even a game of Dungeons and Dragons, if you want it.

Is there any new news?

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