I’ve been thinking a lot about awakening


This is how it is when a new sensation
begins to take over the body. It’s a sort of spiritual awakening, as if you
have awoken from a dream into a new world. It’s the same thing, whether
something is physical or metaphysical – it is that sort of release, that
awakening, that newness.

Something about the moment when you first
see someone in color; someone who looks like you, but is a different shade;
something about the color of their hair is so different, you can’t tell what
it is anymore. It looks as if it has been tinted, or altered somehow. You
don’t know what it is. You have no idea how it is that you see them now.

Like this:

We are going to be talking about this
sometime in the future. For now let’s just take a moment to talk about

The fact that our first born son turned out to
have a severe peanut allergy, had to be on a low dose of bi-carb and an egg
noodle was a major shock to us. But it’s not a complete shock, because
Peanut allergies are not uncommon in children his age.

We were told the symptoms of PB in high doses
are like this:

It’s a whole different story with low doses,
but that is what he was experiencing from having just one peanut in his

We have seen the power of nature in the
natural foods movement. We have seen how our food can be transformed into
homeschooling and nourishing to our children. They don’t have the same
issues as those with severe allergies, nor did he. But peanut allergies are
so common, and as we all know, we share the earth. (I think the peanut
expert who came up with the term “environmentalism” should have been
branded on his forehead, a permanent reminder to us all.)

We have seen food as a vehicle for happiness. We
have seen the joy of cooking with fresh ingredients. We have seen the joy of
grocery shopping, picking up a few ingredients and transforming an ordinary
food into a new experience. We have seen the joy of a home made meal,
because we can cook that meal and still have time to get in a few hours of
homework, get our hair and faces done, grab the kids, go to the park, do
something fun with them.

We have seen the joy of cooking with fresh
ingredients, because we can make that recipe and still have time for
homework. We could have had a dinner party, and still have time to do
homework (some homework). We can have a great meal and still have time to
do homework. We can have a great time without having to worry about

We have seen the joy of watching our children
learn and grow because they cannot be subjected to the tyranny of
school. We knew when they were in high school, we knew that they would have
teachers. We knew they would have more homework, and that they would have to
go to a school that seemed like it would never end. We never expected to see
a child’s eyes go from school to home. We never expected to have to sit in
an office on campus, not have to hear the chatter of other students. We
never expected they would be so happy to come home.

We have seen the joy of watching a child so happy
and content. We do our best.

We are glad to have her in our lives. We are
grateful that she is part of the family. She is such a blessing and a gift
to us. She’s just a little peanut, but you try to think of it as peanut
when it’s too late.

We want to be intentional and intentional about
the way we nourish our children through their food. We have been intentional
about finding recipes that meet their needs. There has been a list in our
diary every day. (And yes, we still use this list, we just used to do it
on a regular basis.)

We have been intentional about cooking our own
food. We cook from scratch, because we know we can be more intentional
about how we nurture their hunger. We know that they won’t always have
their own kitchen, and that they won’t always have the option to choose
their food. They are growing up in a world of convenience, they need to have
access to foods that nourish them, not let them die, not have to choose.

We have been intentional about using the
right spices, we have always included salt in our meals, and we have always
used fresh herbs. Our children were born in the 70’s, and the 70’s in New
York, which means that when we eat food that has been properly prepared;
properly cooked; cooked with fresh ingredients, we have a lot of the foods
that I grew up eating. I grew up eating meat, potatoes, and eggs. I
wanted to make sure our children got to eat food that was healthier, and
that we could do that without having to use artificial ingredients. Our
children do not have the option of choosing, of being able to eat the food
that we, as parents, chose to use, because we didn’t have the freedom to.

We have been intentional about the environment,
we have been intentional about the way our food is grown and prepared. We
are going to talk about this soon, but it may take a while.

I did want to share some of the wonderful resources
that we have come across that are in the works, that have helped to make the
difference in our family.

We first found Fresh Bites, their site really
brought to our attention all the amazing ways that people have been
solving food problems in a home kitchen way before we were ready to do so.

We visited their website and read the stories
that came from their family.

We were then sent a “gift bag,” a package that
contained a couple of bags of different pantry staples we were not using;
that are used to create new foods and are generally hard to find in our local
big box stores.

Another of their sites that we discovered is
Peanutbutterly.com. We have found a great deal of information about
PeanutButterly.com. There are actually more than one hundred different
sources for peanut recipes, each with information about how to use specific

We went around to a few of the big box stores
on our block, and visited the cheese section, and the cereal section. We
tried to find our way to the nuts or the seeds, but didn’t have enough time.
We found a great resource for peanut butters. We were told where we could
buy the right ones, where to find them, and how to best store them.

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