Jasmine dreams that she is in the bed with Kenny


She had had the same dream the night before, and she had woken up to find
out that it was Kenny who was there that morning. She had wanted to believe
that it was someone else but she was sure it had been him all along. She
could see her reflection in his eyes as he spoke to her. It had been a
moment of great joy at her unexpected victory over her fears, and as she
dreamed he moved into the room and it was clear that they were going to

She is not sure if she should leave the room or not without the permission
of her parents. She has come to the conclusion that her mother is the most
obstinate woman on earth. She has worked extremely hard to make a good life
for her daughter and despite her efforts and her hard work, she has always
believed that she ought to be married. Her mother had to leave school in
order to get a job at the post office and even had to leave home to give
birth to Jasmine. Her mother had never married or divorced, and now that she
has grown up she has decided to put herself into the hands of Kenny.

happiest days of my life were those I spent with Kenny, my only joy is
that I belong to him, and he belongs to me.” She had said to herself as she
thought back to their love making the night before. She felt like a drug that
has seduced her for the first time, and she wants to forget everything, just
that one moment, which had been like a dream. She walks over to the bed and
leans down over the pillow which is made from the finest Egyptian cotton. She
can feel the heat from the red velvet curtains, it’s almost hot enough to
burn her.

She lays down in the bed and looks up at the ceiling. As she looks up,
Kenny is standing there just staring down at her with that blank look on his
face. She can not see Kenny’s face clearly in the dark room, but her heart
sings happily when she thinks about him. She can feel his presence all the
way to her toes and she feels the passion of their love, which was so real to
her that in her dreams it was like an apparition.

She raises her arm up and squeezes him and then she pulls him down with her
so that she is on her back and he is on top of her. Her hand feels hot and
sticky and she has a feeling she is going to climax this moment but she keeps
her composure. The room gets dark again and Kenny reaches out with his hand
and grabs her breast; he squeezes it, squeezes it and then pulls her off her
own arm, and begins to grind her breast against his hot wet mouth, and their
passion builds with each squeeze and pull. Her body gets harder and harder
until she pushes down on his hand and grinds it against the back of his hand,
and his hardness increases in his hand. She feels the heat, and her body is
trembling with pleasure. She squeezes him hard with her hand and when she is
satisfied, he pulls her to her stomach and lifts her legs like a pair of
pancake fluff. He presses his groin against hers and she can feel his hot
penis pressing against her. He grinds against her as the heat increases in her

Her pussy is dry, her pussy is so dry from all the pleasure during their
time together. She moans and moans, and Kenny can feel her breath on his skin.
He looks up at the ceiling and sees the face of his mother and thinks: “It
is so dark, isn’t it? I can’t see her. I love you.”

His mother sees it all and thinks “Kenny, your son has been having
romantic dreams on his own. You should have been with him. Why aren’t you
with him?”

He had said: “I’m here, Mama, why are you making it so difficult for me? I
know what I want. I want to marry you.”

His mother had smiled and said: “Oh, you’re just a boy Kenny. If we are to
marry then you will be my son in law. That is, after the war. We have
agreed. My daughter will always be your sister.”

In the dream Jasmine had said: “They are going to come for us. One day, we
will never be happy again, but we will always be together. You will always
be by my side. You will be my husband and I will be your wife, forever.”

She had said to Kenny: “You are not a man. You are a boy with a body so hot
and a mind so sensitive that you have the power to bring all women’s bodies
nearly to a standstill. You are the most important person that I have ever
had and I will be the most important person that you will have for the rest
of your life. I will be the only one you will be able to come in contact
with and I will take you on as my own because you are so special, Kenny. I
have always loved you and I will always love you, no matter what. We will be
together forever and I will protect you from the world. In this world, no
relationship can be between any men.”

She had said to Jimmy: “You’ve got to be kidding, he’s got to be an idiot.”

She had said to herself: “You would be so happy Kenny, I couldn’t possibly
tell you how happy I am in this moment if it were not for you.”

She had said to Kenny: “You don’t know what it is to be me, you don’t know.
My love for you is beyond compare, for I have never felt love with a man like
it. I’ve dreamed of love with men before now, but in my dreams they are such
fools that they never amount to anything.”

Kenny feels his cock become hard and he squeezes it harder to make it more
erect and to make it even more rigid. His heart is beating fast, his body
sweating, and his head spinning with feelings of joy and pride. Every time
he squeezes Jasmine harder he feels his body become ever more erect. Every
time she grinds her hand against his they feel like a pair of steel jaws
grinding him. Every time she is closer to climax he is more and more
hardened. He is about to come, he feels like his semen will burst out of his
body at any moment. She is grinding her thighs against his as he feels her
stiffness against his penis.

here,” he shouts at her, “is not here.”

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