Jessica put her book in the drawer next to her chair


Jessica closed the drawer and moved her chair closer to the window.
Her daughter walked down the hall to her room. A moment later, Tiffany
entered the kitchen. Jessica wanted to spend some time with her daughter.
She’d told her daughter over and over again that she loved her. Jessica had
done her best to prove Tiffany wrong but it hadn’t been enough.

“Why do you bother, Mommy?” Tiffany asked, the concern in her voice obvious.
“I’m all ready!”

2. clean the bathrooms
3. straighten out the kitchen cabinets
4. clean her bedroom

Jessica decided that she couldn’t take the time to straighten out the kitchen
cabinets. She put her book aside and picked up Tiffany. Tiffany was already
dressed in her pink soccer uniform and was sitting on her bed.

“Come on, let’s go to your soccer game!” Jessica said.

“No way.” Tiffany laughed. “I’m not playing soccer today.”

“It’s the only day I’m not going out. Your father and I are going to go
scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef today.”


“Tiffany, you’ve had to do a lot of things lately. I know you’re frustrated
with me, but at least you’re consistent.”

“I’m not frustrated. I’m having fun!”

“I know you are, but if you tell me you’re not, I’ll have to stop the
scuba diving.”

Tiffany looked up with a serious look on her face. “I’m having fun and your
going out to dinner isn’t as bad as me, Mommy.”

Jessica thought it was pretty funny that she was having fun, but wasn’t
worried about going out to dinner with her daughter. Then Jessica remembered
that she still hadn’t cleaned the bathroom, so she cleaned it after
her daughter.

Jessica picked up Tiffany and walked out of the house. She opened the
door to her SUV and saw her daughter already waiting in the front seat.
Jessica walked around to the driver’s seat and climbed into the seat.

“Hey, girl!” Jessica said. “Good to see you.”

“I missed you too.” Tiffany smiled and got into the car.

Jessica turned the key in the ignition and the car slowly started.

“Daddy and I have to get dressed for the fun we’re about to have today.”

Jessica pulled out of her driveway and drove down the winding road to her
daughters soccer game. She parked far away from the soccer field and walked
into the soccer field. It was a beautiful day for a soccer game. The sun was
shining brightly and the air was filled with bright colors. Jessica thought
about how the day could have been filled with stress, but instead it had been
filled with fun. It all worked out in the end.

Jessica entered the stadium. Tiffany’s team was already on the field having
their warm-ups. Jessica watched Tiffany run onto the field and waved to the

“Mom, you can’t see me.” Tiffany said, pointing to her cleats.

“It’s okay. No one can see you anyway, my dear.”

“Can I wear my pink one?”

“Of course. I picked it up for you when you came over last week.”

Jessica climbed into the stands and sat on one of the bleachers enjoying
the view. It wasn’t long before her daughter had everyone’s attention. When
she reached the edge of the field, Jessica turned to the stands and saw her
daughter running around trying to find a ball.

“Here comes the ball, Mom. I think I’ve found one.” Tiffany called.

“Okay, you need to run around and pick them up.”

“I did it! I got it!” Tiffany yelled.

“You need to pick it up again.”

“I did it! We got it!”

“Now come here.”

Tiffany ran back to Jessica and, after Jessica put her daughter on her lap,
she sat herself next to Jessica.

Jessica put an arm around her daughter who was squirming and twisting to get
off of her seat.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Mom!”

Jessica didn’t notice this part of her daughter’s day at all. Instead, she
felt relieved that she’d taken time to take her daughter to a soccer game.
It felt like there was too much stress in the world and she wanted to

The game was over and Tiffany stood on the field holding the ball while
one of her teammates talked to her. Tiffany waved to the crowd and then ran
back to the bench. Jessica felt that Tiffany was overreacting.

“You played really well, Tiffany. I know you’re only five, but you’re
learning all the time.”

Tiffany smiled. “Yeah. Thanks, Mom.”

“Tiffany, we need to talk.”

“I know, but not right now.”

“I want to talk.”

“Okay, but I’m not going to do it now.”

Jessica jumped up from her seat. “Who are we talking about, Tiffany.”
Just as Jessica was about to start to speak to her daughter, Tiffany’s
moment came. She walked over to Jessica and stood between Jessica and her

“I’m pregnant, Tiffany.”

Jessica had no idea that she was pregnant. She was shocked to hear this news,
but it all came rushing back to her when Tiffany started squirming and
twisting in her seat.

“I… I’m sorry, Mom. I wasn’t thinking.”

“Honey, you’re thinking about having a baby. There’s nothing you’ve done
that’s wrong. I just can’t believe you would do that to me.”

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