John Paul, in his dream, went to sleep but he was still seeing a very disturbing dream


John Paul, in his dream, went to sleep but he was still seeing a very
disturbing dream. He was going to his work place and just beside it he was
seeing that large circle. He was very scared. The circle was being created by
the electric current flowing from it, into his computer. The power was very
strong and it was almost as if the circle was being drawn by the very strong
light beam of that huge circle into his computer. John Paul opened his eyes.
It was just after ten in the morning and he was reading a newspaper.

He was startled when he felt someone standing before the door. It was a
tall man. He opened the door and let him come in.

“This is my boss Mr. John Paul” said Mr. P. “Are you alright”

“Yes I’m fine”, said John Paul and then

“I wanted to surprise my son for his birthday today, but his mother didn’t
get this morning. Do we need to bring anything for him?” asked John Paul.

“No we can leave everything here. Are you going away for a while”

“No I won’t be in office for some time, you see I have had to take a long
vacation. Don’t worry about us, I’ll look after your son”, said John Paul and
shook his hand with another handshake. He looked at Mr. P. with a big question
in his eyes.

“Come and have something to eat with us”, said P.

John Paul went to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator door. The
refrigerator was full of food. He grabbed some cold and warm drinks from the
coolers and opened the door of the refrigerator. There was a plate there
containing some fruit and vegetables. John Paul grabbed some cold and warm
drinks. He drank then took out a packet of fried food, and ate. After dinner
and drinking he picked up the newspaper from the floor and took a seat. He
started to read the newspaper.

Mr. P. came to the kitchen with the kids. Before they left the kitchen
John Paul came to see about the fruit and vegetables. After finishing
everything, John Paul stood up and went to the study to take the report of the
day’s work. He went to his study and looked at the report. He opened his
computer. The monitor lit up.

It was a huge picture with many words of that report and pictures too
that was displayed.

While watching the monitor he was very disturbed and he started hearing
voices and it was just in front of his ear. He quickly turned the television
off and when it turned back on it was no more. The screen was dark now after
turning on the television. He thought that the sound in the study was because
of his monitor because it was turned on. It was dark now as he turned on the
light. He ran to the kitchen and grabbed the torch. Then he went in. The
study was dark and the light didn’t reach in. It was scary. The study was dark
and there were voices around the study. It scared John Paul and he was about
to leave the kitchen and go to the study. Then he saw light from the hall to
the left. He went toward the light and came out from it. Now he saw a few
people there but the lights were so dim that he didn’t know what they were.
There was a glass case full of fruit.

Mr. P. and his people were standing near the door. They were laughing
and looking at the fruit. Suddenly, a huge light beam from the case cut the
air and went down. The fruit got torn into pieces on the floor of the case
and fell on to the ground. While the people were looking at the fruit John
Paul and his friends walked out of the study. The fruit was in pieces, it
looked like a big black hole appeared in the case.

“Wow, I never saw such a thing before” exclaimed Mr. P.

“I’m so sorry mother, we didn’t know”, said the children.

“I know you didn’t know. I was just kidding. I’ll go and get the kids to
come” said Mr. P.

“I’m so sorry, I’m sorry John Paul. How can I have known and I didn’t know
that it actually happened. How could I have ever guessed the fruit was so
big. I’m really very sorry” said P. and he offered John Paul his hand with a

John Paul shook hands and smiled.

“Do you want anything” asked John Paul.

“No thanks, I’m fine”, said P. and took out his mobile phone and started
to make some calls. He left the room. The kids came to the kitchen. They
looked at Mr. P. with a big question in their eyes.

“We were just joking. What did you say about a fruit was so big that it
killed a person” asked Mr. P.

“I was joking, that was not a fruit, I mean it was a computer program,
really, I made that computer program out of a fruit”, said Mr. P.

“I understand. So that fruit is so big that it killed John Paul. What does
it mean” asked the kids.

“It means that we don’t really need our fruit and vegetables anymore. Do
we really want to eat and eat fruit. I would rather take my son to school
than sit in my office with a fruit for dinner. Yes, I would rather take my
son to school than come to office for dinner with a fruit for dessert”, said
Mr. P.

“Yes, I saw what happened with the fruit. I’m not eating anymore. I don’t
need that fruit for dinner anymore”, said Mr. P. and went to the kitchen.

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