John Paul stood up from his seat and looked up at the sky


John Paul opened his eyes and stared at the ground where the plane was
sticking its tail. He then looked up at the sky. After a period of
silence, he turned his head towards the other people sitting in the

‘Greetings.’ John Paul said with a smile.

‘Good afternoons Mr. Paul.’ a girl said in an arrogant manner while
looking his face.

‘And how was your trip Mr. Shekhar?’ John Paul asked while looking towards
the girl.

‘Fine sir. Only a few minor problems here and there. I’ll be at peace in
this world after studying for only 6 to 7 years to get a Ph.D. That’s why I
chose Economics.’

‘Good choice. Just as I thought. Now, when would the exams start?’ he asked

‘In few days. But the timing is not very important and we should just relax
and be comfortable.’

‘Sure. So, you have time to do this extra work then.’

‘Yes sir. I can stay here alone. There is a lot of work to be done here.
This is what I do everyday as a daily student. I don’t get any time to

‘Come with me, my friend.’

‘What, now?’ the girl asked in surprise.

‘Yes, now. I’ll drop you and come in a couple of minutes. Okay?’ John Paul

The girl nodded. John Paul walked towards the class slowly. ‘And how was
your trip to the airport?’ he asked while walking towards the class.

‘Very good sir. Just a minor problem in the airplane. A few sparkles appeared
and that was it.’

‘Good! Now, I’ll drop you and come in a few minutes. Okay?’ John Paul
said while looking at the girl.

‘Yes sir.’ she said with a smile.

John Paul walked towards the class. After a quick look around, he sat on a
benches and switched on his laptop. The computer had not even been opened
yet. He got up from the bench and started studying for his exams. The
computer screen showed a question-and-answer website. It was called
‘Fulbright’ by the students. John Paul was thinking about his answer. The
answers were not relevant to his question.

After about twenty minutes, John Paul came out of his study and reached
the class. He stood in the place where the girl came.

‘Hey, this seat is reserved.’ the girl said while standing at the desk.

‘No problem. Please, just take my seat.’ John said while sitting on the

‘Come back anytime. I’ll be sitting in this desk.’ the girl said with a

John Paul stood in the place where she was sitting. ‘Are you enjoying?’ he

‘Yes sir. This class is very good for this kind of things. You’ll be amazed.
After my flight, I’ll go back to my town. I will be staying here for some
time. After doing work, I will return to the town. At that time, I will come
here. I’ll be sitting in the same place.’

‘Great! Now, it’s your turn to talk.’ he said while switching on his laptop.

‘I’ve a lot of free time.’ she said while sitting on her seat.

‘Well, it’s your turn to talk. What were you doing at the airport?’ he
asked while switching on his laptop.

‘I was studying for my exams.’

John Paul got up from his bench. ‘So, my question to you is what were you
looking at?’

‘I was looking at this site.’

‘Hmm…and how much did you like this site?’ he asked while switching on
his laptop.

‘I liked the site and I didn’t like this website.’

‘Hmm…do you remember what you were doing at this site?’ John asked while
switching on his laptop.

‘I was watching this site. When I saw these stars, I was just wondering
what they are doing. They are also called stars.’

‘Hmm…they are not stars. Those stars are falling stars. They are falling
down. These are real stars. Now, what were you doing at this site?’

‘Oh, I was just looking at the falling stars. What’s going on behind the

‘Okay, let me know what the main reason is.’ John said while switching on
his laptop.

‘Main reason?’ she asked.

‘Main reason for the falling stars.’

‘Oh, I was just wondering what they are doing. When I saw the stars, I
was just like, what are they doing. I mean what are they being created to
do? Are they created to be like this? Like this? I just wondered so then I
got curious about the stars. I don’t know why the falling stars are falling.
They’re falling. They’re falling. When they were created, they were not made
to be this.’

‘And what did you think when you saw these falling stars?’ John Paul asked
in a gentle voice.

‘I thought why do they have to fall down. Why aren’t they being created to
have a different shape like other stars? I just was wondering why they have
to fall down. I thought that their falling is very strange. Just to be

‘Okay, let me know what was the main reason for the falling stars?’ John
said while switching on his laptop.

‘Oh, the falling stars are produced by the earth. They were created when
earth was created. They’re very complicated. Just like my mother is very
complicated. I don’t know about the falling stars. I mean, I don’t really
want to know. Everything is so strange and complicated.’

John Paul stood up from his bench quietly. He closed his eyes for a few
moments. ‘Ok, the main reason for the falling stars is the earth. We’ve
already established that. And let’s not talk about this again.’ he said in a
calm tone.

John Paul went back to his bench and switched on his laptop. He sat on
that bench again for a short time. When he opened his eyes, he was in class
and the whole class was watching him. John Paul closed his eyes again.

The girl was sitting with his friend. They were enjoying each other’s
company. Their friend was doing some work. Meanwhile, they were laughing and
having fun. A couple of minutes passed after which the couple was leaving
their seat.

John Paul looked at the girl. Her face lit up when she saw his expression.
She smiled and walked towards him, holding the laptop.

‘Hey, how long did you stay here the first day?’ the girl asked while
looking up.

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