John Paul’s car got stuck in a field


In the early hours of the morning, four armed policemen carrying three big
guns were sitting inside the vehicle and waiting for John Paul and John. They
sat in the driver and two passengers. They were sitting on the driver’s seat.
The guns were at the front of the vehicle and they were pointing towards the
trees which were burning, now on the field. The officers were looking through
a powerful flashlight each one. They aimed it at the tree and a loud explosion
was heard. There was some loud thud and a lot of smoke was coming up. The
motor of the car got stuck. They tried to reverse the car. The electric motor
was not generating any power. With the help of the two passengers they tried to
reverse the car and there was heavy jolt to the vehicle. The car stalled
instantly. The officers got down from the car with the help of the two
passengers and opened the double doors. They came out of the passenger side
door and walked towards the vehicle.

John Paul was sitting and looking at the laptop and he was typing his
programming job. Now he was waiting for the officers to come out of the car. He
tried to open all the windows of the car and when he couldn’t he tried
swinging the seat. The electric cord was getting entangled and it was burning.
He was trying to pull it but couldn’t and after pulling the cord at least 10
minutes, it was burning to the point of tears. He closed the laptop, looked up
and his eyes were swollen and there was a blood spot in his right eye and on
his cheek. He put both both hand and opened the right eye. He looked at
himself in the mirror when he saw that his blood was oozing out from his right
eye. He had to take it in his hands and wash it. He washed it twice and he
looked in the mirror and saw that his blood was dry and he looked like a ghost.
He took the blood stained hands and washed them and then, he took a towel and
washed his face. He looked at himself and he was dead and he was dead. The
blood on his forehead was dry too. This was the first time he was really
convinced of his death. John Paul stood up and went out of the house, got into
the car and drove out of the village and to his home. He tried to open the
windows and when he couldn’t he tried to swing the seat. After a lot of
pulling the seat, he got the car to move. He tried to open the doors and
unfortunately, he got entangled and in no time the car stalled. Both
passengers were sitting beside him in the back seat. He tried to open the front
door and when he couldn’t he tried to open it. He got into the front seat and
in no time he restarted the car, pulled the chair to the front and the seat
was moving.

John got down from the bus. He got down at the main road. He was bleeding
and he wasn’t able to walk. He went towards a nearby hospital and requested an
ambulance for his wound. However, the ambulance driver wasn’t happy with the
blood on his hands and asked him to wait for an hour or two. John got down at
Akhil Road hospital and waited for the ambulance. He was bleeding and he
couldn’t walk. The ambulance driver was standing beside his vehicle waiting
for John to get down from the vehicle.

John looked at himself in front of a bright light in the hospital and he
was bleeding and unconscious. He was on his stomach and he was bleeding badly
and he was unconscious. Doctor entered the clinic to look for John. He saw
John and he was bleeding badly and the blood was getting mixed with the
sand. Doctor asked John what happened. John didn’t know what happened to him.
He was unconscious and bleeding. Doctor saw that he was bleeding badly and
he was unconscious. He asked John if he had fallen and he was unable to
answer. Doctor told him there was nothing wrong with him. He was bleeding
badly and he was unconscious. Doctor wanted to know where he was bleeding.
John was bleeding because he had fallen on the road.

John Paul was still lying on his stomach on the ground when John came
crawling out from his home with the help of a police officer. He went and
knocked on the door of the house of his parents. Father opened the door
and he was lying on the floor. Father asked him how he was. John was
unconscious and bleeding much. Father asked John where he got the blood. John
didn’t know. John had fallen and bumped himself on the ground. Father took
him to the hospital and requested an ambulance for him.

The ambulance driver came and asked John to come out and talk to him. John
got up and walked to the ambulance. He walked. Doctor was standing behind him
to help John in getting out of the ambulance. John was bleeding so much on his
body now and there was a big blood stain on his shirt. He was bleeding freely
from his belly. He was bleeding heavily on his body now. Doctor asked him to
move around a little bit and then he could talk to him. Doctor said this was
not a case for an ambulance. He asked John if he had fallen and John
answered, nothing had happened to him but he had caught his foot on a stone.
Doctor asked John to stay in the ambulance and then he could examine him.

John was lying on the ambulance and with the help of the two police
officers, he was moving. They were trying to lift him up and he couldn’t
move. John was bleeding a lot now. They were tying a tourniquet on his
wound to stop the bleeding from getting out. The ambulance driver came and
took him to the hospital. The tourniquet was getting tightened in no time and
John was also getting tied to the tourniquet. Doctor found John in a

The driver of the ambulance asked John if he was alright and he was
unable to answer if he was alright. The ambulance driver was standing with
John and then he said “let’s go”. John was getting restless. John said there
was no use talking. “let’s go”. John was confused. His wound was bleeding
badly. John was bleeding freely now and he was confused. He didn’t know what
to do. John saw that there was no other ambulance coming to take him and he
said, “What are you leaving me like this?”. The ambulance driver didn’t
answer. John wasn’t able to move any further.

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