Jude and Nancy were walking home from school one day when Nancy asked him what he wanted for Christmas


“So what d’you want for Christmas then?”

“A date for the movies. A special evening in the cinema. The theater is
already closed, and I know a great place. I’m going to go there with you.”

“The movies? What about them?”

“Well, we’ll start with popcorn and a movie. Maybe a film about something
that’s really happening, like the civil war, or the Spanish war, or the war
with the blacks.” Jude thought for a moment and added, “I’m going to take you
to see a movie with Martin Sheen.”

Nancy gasped, “You know Martin Sheen? He’s the actor.”

“He was very good in That’s Incredible.”

Nancy grinned and answered with a quiet “Yes, I know him.”

“When we go to see that movie, I’ll take you down to see him, and we’ll eat

Nancy asked him what kind of popcorn he would prefer. It wasn’t as much of a
hitch as he thought it would be, and they set off for the cinema that
evening. A very nice young man who was walking towards them asked them what
they wanted.

“We need a few boxes,” replied Jude, as he offered a ticket.

“Yes, I know, sorry,” said the young man, “And what would you like for

“A date in the cinema with a special popcorn. That’s a nice offer,” said
Nancy as he handed a ticket to the young man.

On the way to the cinema, Jude told Nancy how he had read some of Martin
Sheen’s books.

“My father used to read to me from these books.”

Nancy knew this was all over, and asked him if he had any other books by
Sheen. He answered with one book, and it was one he’d already finished reading.

“You know the one?”


“It’s called A Question of Power.”

“A Question of Power? That’s a Martin Sheen book?”

“Yes it is.”

“And you read it?”


“And so do you,” said Nancy, raising her eyebrows in surprise at her

“And I’d like to see the movie he’s in,” said Jude.

“Oh yes! I know it,” said Nancy with a laugh. “Do you want to come with me?”

“Do I want to come with you? Oh my God! I don’t know!” said Jude, as Nancy
and he looked through the crowds of people waiting to enter the cinema.

“It’s going to be a bit cold tonight,” whispered Nancy.

“Well, I want to see a movie,” said Jude, and they entered the cinema.

“I think it’s going to be a great film,” said Nancy. “Do you know which
film it is?”

Jude thought over it, then asked Nancy, “Do you want to go with me to see
it? And can we get popcorn?”

“Yes yes!” said Nancy and they were soon sitting together in the foyer of
the cinema, watching A Question of Power.

Nancy loved all the film, but the most important scene for her was one where
Martin Sheen’s character is at odds with his country, and he is forced to
discover a new power and becomes a leader, without knowing how to achieve it.

“I really liked this scene,” said Nancy. “I think I’d like to be that guy.”

“Me too,” said Jude.

“Can you see me like that? Like Martin Sheen?”

“I guess so,” said Jude, thinking how the character had to become who he was,
without knowing he was that person, and how his power wasn’t apparent as he
found out how to use it.

And it was this story that made him think about asking Nancy out, and he
began thinking about asking Nancy out on a date. And so they walked out of the
cinema with popcorn on a little plate.

“We should go to a bar,” said Jude, “And we should go on dates, with more
dates, more movies, and more popcorn. So let’s get out of here now, I’m
tired. And let’s talk about Martin Sheen.”

Nancy laughed, “Ok. Let’s go to a bar.”

They walked into the cinema. They found a bar that was closed and they sat
in it. Nancy ordered her first drink of the evening, and it was the drink
Jude proposed over popcorn.

“It’s going to be a beautiful night,” said Nancy.

“I think it will be snowing,” said Jude.

“I’ll go to the cinema with you,” said Nancy and finished her drink.

They left the bar and walked through the lobby of the cinema. They were
about to go out, and a man with a large number of tickets asked how much he
would like for the movie. He was about to write a check when Nancy looked at
him with a smile and a tilt of her head.

“I’d like to see Martin Sheen.”

The man wrote the number on the tickets.

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