Luke got on the phone with Private Roberts


“I was told that you all could see me,” he said quietly. “So I just wanted to
let you know that I’ll be back in a few moments. I’ll tell them that I
received a message from the officer who wants to speak with me.”

At that moment, Luke’s mind took a turn and he couldn’t help but smile. “I’m
gonna miss that one,” he thought, “he never told me why he wanted to see me
alive.” Luke had one last question and he was dying to ask it. “He said that
he wanted to know how I was doing.” Luke looked into the eyes of Private
Roberts and told him that he was doing fine and that it was nothing special
for him. By the time he got off the phone, the young man was dead.


All of a sudden, an explosion rocked the building. There was silence as the
walls shook and the earth rumbled. The sky turned pitch black. A loud
crack echoed through the earth as a piece of the ceiling broke and fell
into the streets below. The dust rose and was covered by a black cloud. A
shiver ran down his spine and down his arms. He was just staring at the
ground when the next noise came forth, a loud whistle. It echoed through the
cities. He was now on the move. A group of ten men, led by the man of the
night before, were running north. They were dressed in black, the same black
pants, black shirts and dark shoes. The men carried the same M16’s that he
was carrying, black leather magazines, and a few more magazines of black
pellets. The men had been in the building for some time and were waiting for
the next wave to come out. The sky was now bright with the stars as the sky
darkened. The man had spotted her a few hours ago and his heart was racing
to see her again. Every minute seemed like an hour. It was hard to know
when he would see her again. He continued to run for as long as he could
until he was close by. He was going to jump when his feet hit the bottom of
the ditch. He turned and looked up at the sky. He decided to just jump
right there, right in the ditch. He had made the jump from death to living
before and it felt pretty good.


Lance Corporal Denny Gilding was the second man to leave for the hospital
and was one of the last men to arrive. Lance Corporal Gilding was the last
to jump. Not even one second after he jumped, Lance Corporal Gilding was hit
by an errant bullet. He hit the ground and rolled, his knee buckled. The
second impact sent him sliding down the side of the ditch, taking the last
of his life with him. He made one last effort to get back up as he watched
the others jump and die. The man with the white face, his eyes were glowing
and his voice sounded like he was chanting in the middle of his last moments.
“I’m sorry and I’m ready to die.”


The last man to die was a squad leader, Private First Class Chris Jones.
Private First Class Jones’ body was found near the end of the building. He
rolled into the street and was run over by the truck in which he had fallen.
Private First Class Jones’ body was found by a black car just in front of
the small group of people who had been walking on the street just before
that. His body was found by Private First Class Charles Jones. Both men
had their hands around their M16’s and were trying to prevent other people
from reaching the buildings. The men were also trying to protect their
associates who had just jumped in front of them. The body of Private First
Class Jones was found after the building had been hit by a truck and had
collapsed into a pile of rubble. The last man to die, Private First Class
Jones was, most likely, on his way out of the building before the building
collapsed into the pile of rubble.


In spite of the chaos that had followed the explosion, a few people were
still out of the building. A few men were running around, screaming for
authority. The few survivors had been chased by the enemy and were now in
the middle of a field of fire. As the day wore on, the numbers of people
were dwindling by the minute. In the end, the building was completely


A few men ran around the area, picking up rocks and firing
them at the enemy who was shooting at their legs. Many of the men were
shooting at the enemy and the enemy was doing the same with the few men
who were shooting at them. It was a slow-moving battle and the few men who
were close to the buildings were starting to run out of ammunition. It was
around this time that another man came running down the street. The man
was clad in black, his face was covered in white and was his uniform was
like a rag. He looked at the sky with shock. He came to a stop and looked
up to see what was going on. In the distance, he saw a car, a sedan with
the headlights on. It was stopped on the side of the road. There were two
men laying on the hood of the car. The man with the black face lifted up
his hand to show his ID to the two men. They were the two men that had
been killed by the explosion. The man was standing and staring with horror
at the car when a group of young men came running up from behind. “I
didn’t finish the job!” The man with the black face yelled with anger. He
pulled out a gun and started shooting at the men running around the area.
The man with the black face was not even paying attention to these men, he
focused his energy on the car. Both of the men on the car were killed and
the two men standing on the hood were killed as well. Before the man with
the black face could get another shot off, it was over.


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