Luke looked around at the other soldiers who were fighting hard to escape the ambush


“Hey, Luke, that was a nice shot,” said an unknown voice in the distance.
“How about you go and retrieve Private Roberts and the other three?”

“That would be a tall order as they’ve fallen down and out.”

“Luke, your battalion is being overrun while attempting to protect an
entrance to a cave that leads to the enemy headquarters. I need you to dig
it out as it is very dangerous for you there.”

Luke looked around at the other members of the squad who were fighting valiantly
in their attempt to escape the ambush. Although they were far from
completed the mission, the squad did have their orders and were fighting hard
in hopes of escape. Luke tried to get a glimpse of the enemy but there was
no sign of them, just the sand. The platoon, on the other hand, were being
cannonaded for miles and would not give up easily. The squad was almost out
of ammo and would have their supply dwindle quickly.

“Don’t worry, if they come back up to finish you off then you won’t have a
problem,” said a familiar voice.

“Luke, you better dig deep before the sand gets in the way,” said a
strange voice.

Luke opened his eyes to see that he was in the back of a transport truck with
the driver. A familiar soldier from his last trip back to Korea had given the
truck instructions. After a few days, the soldier had given the truck directions
to the cave, then after that, the truck had been taken to the mine to meet
the rest of the squad.

“Hey, where are you taking the old man?” asked an impatient voice.

The strange voice came from the truck, “That truck is transporting his
bodies. They will be buried in the mountains where they can make a new life.”

The soldier looked at Luke and shook his head sadly. “Luke, please, for the
sake of the whole platoon, dig deep before the sand gets in the way,” he said.

The truck driver shook his head in disbelief. “That’s a tall order for an
old man,” he said.

The dark-haired soldier turned to look at Luke and winked. “Don’t worry, he
will, the rest of the squad will help you out. Let’s go, we’ve got a great
cause here.”

The two soldiers climbed into the back of the truck and sat beside Luke as
several other soldiers were already being loaded into the truck while on the
other side was a large hill that the old soldier had directed to. A few
minutes later, the truck began to move off and the soldier turned to look at
Luke. “You’re just in time, we’ll let you get back to your platoon. Just
remember, dig deep when your time to die comes.” He winked again.

“I will for sure,” said Luke as he reached for his M16.

The old soldier turned to the young soldier and waved him to carry on. “We
can’t be far now,” he said. “That is if the enemy has not surrounded us by

“The enemy is around, they just have to catch up to us first.” said the
soldier. “I’m thinking they’re around here somewhere.”

Luke continued to fire away at the enemy as soon as he was out of the cave.
As he returned to his platoon, he was told that Private Roberts was almost
to the end of the cave and one was just a little short. The platoon were
making great efforts to stay above ground, but were having great difficulties
as enemy sharpshooters were not far away and were only a few meters further
away. The platoon was fighting the losing battle to try to stay above ground.
A few hours later as the platoon were moving along the rocky mountain side
the enemy soldiers began to appear.

They were waiting with their guns ready to defend the entrance to the cave
while their infantry with bayonets were approaching. A fierce encounter
would occur at the entrance as the enemy would attack the platoon first while
they themselves would attack the infantry before they were able to reach
them. Finally, after several hours of fighting, a few minutes before dawn,
the two sides would engage each other.

As the sun rose, the two sides began their battle, the enemy was pushing on
the platoon while the defenders waited for the infantry. The battle would
go on in silence until all the troops were dead and the enemy had won the
race. The enemy soldiers shouted for a minute and then began to retreat towards
their lines while the defenders began to return fire.

However, this was the enemy’s last move as soon as the attack was made, they
would retreat to their lines leaving their dead behind and take off. The
battle was a stalemate and the platoon waited for the enemy to reach the
barracks. The enemy soldiers had to make way for the rest of the infantry and
then return to their base to prepare for the next offensive.

Luke was now back among his platoon as the sun was about to rise over the
mountains and the enemy was advancing.

“I guess most of that little company will make it through the night,” said
a young soldier who had just finished his tour.

Luke nodded in agreement. “If we can hold up then we have maybe a fifty
percent chance of victory,” he said.

Luke walked up to Luke who had been wounded earlier and had crawled away.
“I think you’re right. If you hold up then we will have a fifty percent
chance of victory,” he said.

The young soldier looked Luke in the eyes as he said, “you know what they
say, you can’t win a battle by using your head, you have to use your heart!
Take it from someone who has been there,” he said as Luke gave him a
heartfelt smile.

Later that day, the platoon had captured most of the enemy forces, but before
the enemy’s forces could be completely destroyed, the enemy had a surprise
attack that took them out of the battle.

As this happened, the platoon was holding their positions against numerous
attacks. The platoon was now short of ammunition and was becoming frustrated
as there were more and more enemies to go through. One by one they began to

“Hang in there, we are almost done,” said Private Roberts of the 1st
Battalion as he pointed to the end of the line and said, “we have enough
food, water, and ammo to make it to the other side.”

“But how are we going to find these supplies now?” asked another gunner.

“We can take a helicopter from the base for help,” said Private Roberts.

“They will know where to land?” asked another soldier.
“No, they will try not to be obvious with the helicopter landing,” said

The helicopter then landed on the hill and two men from the infantry jumped
off and began to run up the path. They quickly disappeared onto the mountain
side where they began to dig into the mountainside.

“I know it may be too late to help you get these supplies, but we would
prefer it if you wait until we can get there with assistance,” said a
member of the 4th Battalion.

“What is the situation in the rest of the battalion?” asked Luke.
“There are no more enemy troops in the area, no supply lines have turned,”
said a member of the 1st Battalion.

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