Marianne wanted to prove to the people who had known about The Quasar that she was not a fraud


She was not a time-traveler, but she had used her abilities to find out things
about the world she was visiting. She had observed the world around her when
she was on The Quasar. Now, she felt the need to prove that she was
intelligent enough to have the most powerful information about the future by
interacting with people. She was now living a future that was built on a
foundation from the events of the past. And it was the events in the past
about which she was the most curious.

She was still reeling from the emotional jolt she got when she had learned
about the existence of The Quasar. The truth had revealed itself to her, but
even so, it hadn’t been easy for her to accept. She had initially gone into
hiding from the people who had known about The Quasar, while she felt like she
had to keep to herself and avoid the eyes of others. Being the only female
time-traveler, and not having received any special abilities that made her
“special,” she didn’t have many allies to trust. She had also not
gotten any positive signs that anyone from the past would help her return to
The Quasar.

But now, she had the opportunity to prove that she was not a fraud. Marianne
had learned that Quasar was run by a man who was in his mid-40’s. He was also
a genius in the field of physics and engineering. The Quasar had been built
under his name and had been a great success. The time-travel machine was
working, but it was still limited to the world of the past. The man was well
known for creating and improving time travel devices. The device that Marianne
had been using was known as the “Nanite” and it had only
been in operation for the past five years. It was made out of nanites and
was able to travel through time. Marianne had recently had contact with her
son who was being held by a group of military people who had attempted to use
the nanites to travel to the past. Marianne had been able to bring back an
earlier version of him from the past. She brought back the man who had been
held captive by the military group, but the military had no record of him at all.

She felt she was on the verge of a breakthrough. Marianne felt certain that
the nanites would be able to access some information that her son could have
accessed before his death. It would be a breakthrough for the future and
would show that time travel to the past was possible.

streets in the district she was walking down were bustling with people.
Marianne pulled the hoodie up over her head in order to conceal her features
from the people around her. Her time-sense was telling her to get out of the
neighborhood and to head for the National Science Institute. She had to
interact with people like she was in the past and she was having a hard time
with that. She was not used to interacting with people on a regular basis.

me, miss,” one of the people walking by to her left looked at her and
said. “You are not allowed to walk here on Harlow
Street.” Marianne felt an old familiar feeling of pain in her lower half as she
turned around and said to the man. “I’m
a scientist, and I need to see the head of this institute.” She gave him
another one of her friendly smiles and moved ahead at a safe distance, “This
is such a beautiful neighborhood, but I can’t be seen here without a

The man
looked at her and said, “I think you should put one on. You could be
stirred up to run if you were actually going to try to run.” Marianne pulled
on her hoodie once more and said, “I don’t need to be
pushed around by you.”

miss?” He replied, and Marianne noticed he had a
very noticeable scar over his right eye. He was about to say something else
when one of the people walking behind him said, “She looks like the sort of
person who might cause someone to get a scratch if she bumped into them.”

didn’t get that from the scar,” he replied. “I was always a
little worried that someone would use me to get to her, but now I think that
is not the case.”

shook her head in the most charming and friendly manner she could muster and
said, “Well, you have my full blessing for this outing. And
I think you are already safe from me.” She turned around and started to head
back to the district at the same time that the man behind her gave her a
friendly, yet slightly disgusted look followed by a long “I told you so”
and a shrug.

watched the man walking away as she thought about the man’s words, “I’ll see
you later,” and smiled.

knew as soon as she entered the building that she would find the place empty
of any researchers. But she also knew that she would find her son in one of
the labs. She would have to figure out some way to get in to the place and
get her son.

had only a few minutes before she had to leave the building and head for the
National Science Institute. She was going to need all her wits about her
when she found the institute. It was at the intersection at the end of
Harlow Street.

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