Marianne was able to use her time-travel vision to get to the National Science Institute


She stepped onto the National Science Institute, and after a minute of
sneaking glances around the street, she was able to use her time-travel vision
to get back to the place where she knew the lab was. She had to be on the
right street, the National Science Institute, but she wasn’t sure where she
stood. Marianne had to use her time-travel vision to go backwards to get to
her house by looking at the holographic billboard that said, “Marianne
Stark/Quasar Fashion.” With her time-travel vision, Marianne could walk into
places that she knew were around the corner.

“Gravity’s great!” Marlene said.

“Yeah, I can tell. So, are you looking for the lab or are you looking for
some clothes?” Marianne asked.

“Well…you could be the clothes. The National Science Institute has all these
fancy uniforms and high-tech things you don’t have in your house.”

“Ugh, this is going to be fun,” Marlene said. She had on
her new outfits, and she was bouncing up and down as though she were dancing.
“Do you want to meet up?”

“Meet up? Do I want to meet up? Is that what we are going to do, meet up? Yes
I do!” Marianne said jumping up and down.

“But I’m meeting a friend. We haven’t met in person, but I can see
her, and she can see me. So that’s what friends do, right?” she asked.

“Friends like to meet people that they feel like they can confide in, and
friends like to meet people that they can confide in, because they know that
there will be time travel involved. It’s all part of the time. And I’m
confident that we will be doing this at a time that will make a difference in
history.” Marianne was happy that Mandy and her friend were coming over.

“Okay then,” Marlene said. “I guess I’m going to meet you at the
National Science Institute. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

“Yeah,” Marianne said. That was definitely a time-traveling problem now.

Marianne looked at her watch. The National Science Institute was only a few
minutes from her house. She ran back through her house and the kitchen to get
her bag. It was packed with the clothes she had bought in the mall and her
hair was still up, but she was wearing her shoes. She ran to the front door
and went outside. On the street, she caught up with the person she assumed was
her friend. She smiled at Marlene as Marlene came up to her.

“How’s it goin?” Marlene asked. Marianne could see that her eyes were
beading with tears.

“It went great. I got my first time-traveler!” Marianne said

“Well, good for you and I’m happy for you. And what’s with the
holographic billboard and the other people who are dressed up in crazy
festive clothing?”

“Just look. It’s time travel in action. Come on. I’ve got a date.”

Marianne pushed open the door. The National Science Institute was a
concrete building that had the size and scale of a building in a downtown
city. It contained a large round window with glass walls that was filled with
photographic advertisements of the various National Science Institute

“I think I figured out where this place is,” Marianne said holding Mandy
and her friend, who were both staring through the glass windows at the
various displays that were spread out around the floor. “See, this window
has everything. That’s the lab. This window shows me where we have to go,”
Marianne said pointing to the National Science Institute’s window. “And I
get to look outside, through the glass, and see that I have just crossed a
time-travel portal.” Marianne pointed this out to her friends, but both
stopped staring into the window and looked at her as if they knew this was all
a waste of time.

“The time-travel portal is where we are going to go,” Marianne
explained, “but it’s already happening. The world is changing. We will all be
here in 2082. It will all be different.”

“What?” Mandy asked, a frightened look on her face.

“Nothing, we’ll just have to wait and see what will happen,” Marianne
said. “And I’m pretty excited.”

“Me too,” her friend said. “I don’t want to miss this time-travel
thing.” With that, they crossed the time-travel portal and walked into the
National Science Institute.

The lab was a huge concrete space with steel doors. The lab was filled
with numerous white-walled cubicles. Some of these cubicles were filled with
researchers wearing white lab coats and others were filled with scientists in
green, blue, or yellow coats. The cubicles were filled with computers,
laboratories, and various other machines. There was a large counter in the
middle of the room with a large button panel at the top and a smaller button
panel at the bottom. All of this was surrounded by glass and steel.

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