My sister called to tell me that she was going to the interrogation room


I walked to the room she was assigned to. The room was painted the colour of a
lawn which was covered with grass seeds. I had a feeling that it would be a
long time before it rained. I had a feeling that I should go back to the
interrogation room.

I knocked on the door and I was instantly greeted by a beautiful woman with
pale skin and bright green eyes. She was wearing a light grey long-sleeved
shirt and she had a huge smile on her face. I wondered how many times she had
had to deal with people who were not human.

“What time is it for the interrogation?”

“You are late. The clock stopped at 4:00.”

“Who told you that?”

“The people who gave you the assignment.”

“Can I talk to them?”

“Yes. But you have to get out of here. The room is under surveillance.

The room also had a camera with a view of the outside. There was a small
mirror on the wall and the light came from the mirror. I walked down the hallway. On the door I discovered a
keypad. I pressed the keypad and my door slid open. Another woman dressed in
white looked at me with sharp eyes. I smiled at her and she smiled back with a
gleam in her eyes. She was a beautiful woman with long hair and large eyes. I
was tall for a man, but her eyes were just as big.

“Who are you?”

I didn’t know what to answer. I took out my ID and placed it on the counter.

“You are supposed to be interviewed before going to the interrogation room.”

“I don’t know why I am here but I can explain everything if you let me talk to
someone first.”

She seemed to listen to my explanation.

“If you don’t get out of here right now that will be the last warning you get.”

I walked in the room. The lights were on. There were two chairs facing the
wall and a table. Three men were staring at me intently. I noticed they had a
lot of tattoos on their arms. I stood there for a few minutes. Then I finally
recognised the agent that looked after my sister as he walked in from the
side door.

“Are you the one under arrest?”

The men looked at me with sharp eyes but I didn’t flinch.

“Why do you think that?”

I turned to face the agent. “I don’t know that. But why are you interrogating me?”

“We found something in your apartment that you are going to hand over to
the CIA. It is in your briefcase, in a safe with your name and your phone
number written on it in large letters.”

“Is there any other way I can help you?”

“We need information from you. You don’t remember anything about your sister
and your life in the past 5 years.”

“Why would she name me?”

“We have our information. As you don’t come back here you become a
person of interest. We have to know what you know and when you know it.”

“When am I going to know what I know?”

“In the next hour, if you don’t give us a statement we will shoot you.”

The three men looked at me with cold eyes. They seemed to think I would just
sit there and wait to get shot. I stood up.

“I don’t know why I am here. But since I have a sister who is dead why do you
think I need to give you any information?”

“We found out something important. We have to know what you knew and when you
knew it.”

“What is it that you have found?”

“You have always stayed away from drugs and drugs are an important part of
your life. You don’t go to the cinema without eating something. You don’t smoke
cigarettes. You don’t even drink. You didn’t know anything about drugs and we
tried to find you out. We searched through all your computers and we found that
there were many e-mails mentioning drugs.”


“You never went into any drugs.”

“It is the other way round.”

“We have found this out through your computers. We know you are involved in
dealing drugs.”

“I am not involved in drugs.”

They seemed to think that I was lying.

“Why did you leave the US and come here?”

“I wanted to live in peace, but I am a Chinese national and you can always find out
about me.”

The men looked at each other. I decided they were going to do as they liked,
so I opened up the briefcase. There were 3 files, the first file contained
medical records on my sister, the second one was her telephone records, and
the third file was the file with all e-mails sent to us. I was shocked by what
I found in the e-mails. My sister had been trying to contact me through a
private e-mail account. I assumed she had died in her car accident.

The other files contained data from my computers. I tried to open the first
file, but my software blocked the opening of the file. It was like the file was
some kind of virus which refused to open. I tried another software and it opened
the file but it also refused to copy anything. I realised then that they were
trying to make me remember. They did this by using the computers to learn about
me. The next one opened everything but didn’t let me copy anything.

What were they going to do to me next? I had to know. I was going to have to
ask them a lot of questions. I opened the next file and this was the one they
wanted my knowledge about. This file was filled with pictures of drugs. I
wasn’t sure why they would want to know about drugs but I did know that my
mind would be destroyed if I didn’t know what drugs were.

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