Samia stood up and looked over her shoulder at Sally


Sally rolled her eyes and started talking ‘I don’t wanna hear any more you
and Samia arguing’ Sally turned to her ‘I don’t know what’s going on in your
life, but I know you wouldn’t be arguing with somebody who was just as much
at fault as you are’ Sally looked at her friend ‘You can go outside and get
some air and maybe a cup of tea if you want’ Sally said walking towards the
door ‘I have things to do, what do you need’ Samia wanted to argue but she felt
too tired.

Sally walked up to Samia and hugged her. She was really warm and it
seemed like she was hugging her for hours. Samia hugged her back and felt her
body was shaking. She stood up and looked over her shoulder at Sally. Her
friend was in the doorway and looked like she was going to walk over to her,
but she stopped for a moment, then turned and walked towards her. Samia stood
still and she could feel Sally pressing against her, it seemed really nice.
Sally whispered in her ear.

‘I gotta go, and you’re gonna say you were here all night, but I know
you’ve been here all day’ Sally said as they walked out the house ‘Just like
you’re going to say you went to work all night and you need to go to bed. Good
night’ Sally walked out into the hallway and closed the door behind her. Samia
coupled her hands together again and tried to relax.

Samia went back upstairs and sat down on her bed to read. She did not get
any work done that day. She could not focus on anything because she was just
so nervous. She wondered what day it was, her alarm was at 7 am. She wondered
if she had really been here all night, she looked up the time and it was 6:45
am. It should have been 7. Sally had said her alarm went off at 7, so who
the hell was here an hour later with morning sickness. Samia sighed.


Samia got up early, so she could get to work. It had snowed last night so
there was snow on the ground and every walkway looked like it was covered in
it. Samia was surprised at herself. It was cold enough for snow to cover the
ground, what the hell was it like up here. She pulled on her coat as she ran
to the entrance of the station. It was really slippery, she slid all the way
across the roof to the other side. A bus had crashed into a train and there
were broken windows everywhere. She waited for the bus to open up, it came
around the corner and she looked up and saw it had come with a load of people
inside. Samia pushed her way through in her coat. The bus was full of people
walking up the stairs and down the stairs. She stepped onto the bus and sat
down. She leaned on the window and felt the wind in her hair. Her heart and
brain were racing. Her stomach felt sick. She looked over at her bag and
looked at the bag in front of her. It was huge, and she felt it was too heavy
for her. It felt like it was going to fall off her shoulders. She put her coat
on and her bag under her, then the bus started moving. Every few minutes the
bus would slam into and stop near a pile of fallen snow. Samia tried to get
her bag to stay on. It was too heavy, she wanted to get off. Her bag was
too heavy, she was going to fall out. Her bag and jacket were still under her
when the bus stopped. She did not think this would happen, but she did not
know what to do. She looked at the bus full of people and she saw two women,
one on each side of the front door. Samia put her hand up and felt her
breasts. She was so thirsty, but she knew if she drank water, if she could
just get off the bus, it would be over. She looked at her coat and remembered
she could not get off from the bus. There was no way she could hold on to it
like that. She tried to pull herself up to the top of the bus by grabbing the
pockets in the coat and yanking the coat open, but it just slipped away and
she fell onto the snow. The bus was moving again now and Samia was just able
to get up and get onto the bus. She sat down quickly, but she could feel her
heart beating faster and harder. The bus started moving again and she realised
she was sitting there on the bus, but the bus stopped. She had stopped in the
middle of the road. She felt the snow in her clothes as her jacket slid off
her shoulders and hit on the ground. She was panicking and felt scared. She
tried to get up, but she could not get her arm underneath the coat. She looked
out the window and saw the bus that had fallen towards her. It was only a
few meters away but she just could not move. The bus went by one more time and
she was still there. She went to her bag, took out her coat, pulled herself up
and went out the bus doors.

‘You are being very brave, but you are not being stupid. We are going to
have to ask you to come to the station to get some things, then you will have
to get back in a cab and we will have to call a bus back from the station,
then we will call it again, you will get to the station, and we will take you
up to the clinic.’ Sally said. Samia could not even speak. Sally sat
down next to her and put her arm around her shoulder. Samia felt calm,
stomach still running but she could control herself. She was glad she did
not have to do this. Sally’s voice was comforting.

‘But this is your first time really being ill, maybe I have let you have
more time than you deserve. It is not your fault or anything. Sometimes we
don’t know how to handle it. I just wanted us both to be OK, I didn’t want
to make you sick, but I was afraid if you were sick all day long you would
become angry and maybe you would want to not come in’ Sally said. It was
early in the morning but Samia just wanted to get this over with as soon as

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