Savannah’s plan to spend the night with Beau every night this week had come to an end


Somewhere between her truck and the front porch, Sav let out a whistle of
surprise, realizing Beau was home. Maybe he was a little late coming home
again already, because he’d stopped by the store for his lunch and asked to
talk to Savannah about a job he might have. Just as she had planned, and he
had called her to ask her more questions about her family from one of his
friends on Facebook that was trying to find them, and then called her again
the next day to check up on her and let her know he was working on a job
interview at his dad’s company. He was only home for an hour and would be all
right with her spending the night since they had a lot to talk about, he
said. Plus, he needed her to drive down and work out with him tonight so she
had to stay. For the first time in their entire history Savannah was about to
let go of her plan to leave him, despite the fact he had told her he was going
with a friend of his to pick her up after she finished her job.

Savannah put on her most devil-may-care attitude today. They weren’t allowed
to date, but she’d made it very clear that she was going to spend the night
every night and if he had a problem with her keeping her word, then they’d
just have to have a big fight. Of course, he couldn’t have known that she
wouldn’t be home, but she’d made sure to let him know that she would be
getting her job done on time and with no more than the minimum number of
hours that she was given each day to work. And she had made him promise he
wouldn’t have to work the next day since she was already done with her
shift. So if he still had a problem with her keeping her word, then they would
have to have a very big fight.

The way Sav felt she had kept her word, he would have known she had made sure
he couldn’t have a problem keeping his promise to her. And from what he had
told her he wasn’t going to work the next day, she had assured him that they
would be able to get what they needed for the next week and all his problems
were behind them. Sav had made it clear to Beau that she wanted to spend the
night with him and she didn’t care if he was going to have a problem with it.
However, he didn’t have a problem in the least, but was just doing as she
wanted. So it was a perfect ending to their first night together since they had
met. And what a perfect ending it would be to their relationship, because
beau would no longer have to work that next day at his dad’s company or
because she had made him promise not to work, but because he was a man who
had always loved who he loved and wanted to be with her and she was the one
who wanted him.

She stood in the kitchen for a minute, not bothering to turn on any lights, just
to be sure of the way her apartment was, but when she did look in the dark,
Savannah saw Beau on her bed, watching her through the blinds. The way the
sun had been shining outside, it made the apartment just look all pale in
comparison to the way it would be at night. And it was just to give him a
glimpse of what he would be living with at home, but it couldn’t have been
more perfect.

Savannah sat down on the couch and Beau walked over and sat down beside her,
still wearing his work uniform but he looked so much better, he made Savannah
a little sad. His hair was all wet from the shower he’d used and he was
bobbling around in it, looking like a small boy trying to use his new
gadget to dry his hair. Savannah smiled and hugged him.

“How’s the job going yet,” he asked, pulling away from her.

“It’s going very good,” Savannah answered. “My
boss said he’d hire me if I can get my work done on time every day.”

“Oh Savannah,” Beau said, his voice sounding like a small boy who had gotten
too excited over a new toy to take it back. “I think you can do this job!”

“Yes, I can do this job,” Savannah told him, taking his hand, running her
fingers over the callouses that had been created over the last few weeks of
work he had done. “I’m going to prove it to you and show you how much I can

“Oh Savannah, I love you and I never want to doubt you,” Beau said, taking
her hand in his. “Really it’s just so much fun to watch you and I would never
ever want to doubt that.”

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