The Black Dragon is one of the most powerful spirits in the Underworld Household


The people who pass through Yin Chao Di Fu do not die and eventually emerge
as alive with a body count of one – just a single black body with a single
eye to represent all life. The Black Dragon’s body is their physical
representation of all the life and it is also their reason for existence.

The King only has eyes for the people he wishes to see, but in order for his
face to be seen by anyone, the Black Dragon must first be fed on people’s
behalf. After receiving a face to face encounter with the King and his
subjects, the people will then come back to life, which is known as 长失
(Shi Zhi), meaning the body disappears from the Underworld in the form of
a dark black body and the soul of the person is then given to the King.

The souls of the people he is feeding disappear in an instant and can not
be seen or touched. In order to be able to bring out the life in people, the
King needs to provide an infinite amount of lives that can be touched and
be shown through the eyes of the people he consumes.

With so many lives, his eyes can consume as many people as they want, the
King can have an unlimited supply of souls to do his bidding whether it be
to destroy the enemies or to find their next home. However, he must be
determined to stop any of the people he feeds when things get difficult.

Now imagine if he were to have a soul like Yao, who doesn’t have an
ultimate goal but instead wants to make his family happy. He would come in
and give a soul to the King, yet he might end up being fed to the Black
Dragon on the King’s command without a question, as the King only has eyes
for those he wants to see.

The Underworld Household is filled with a number of spirits that have been
travelling here for hundreds of years. One who wishes to escape this
harsh, dark world, but does not possess the courage to do so, lives by the
roadside in the town of the Black Dragon’s mouth.

The town of the Black Dragon’s Mouth, which is literally translated to
the Mouth of the Black Dragon, is not a town built for the local people
somewhere, but rather was originally built for the spirits to inhabit.

The Black Dragon feeds on people who are hungry, but in order for him to
feed on them, they had to make enough money to buy him from the King.

One day a young woman, Bao Si Ran, was walking with a group of villagers at
the edge of the town. One of them, Xing Ren, made her stop and then asked
her to make a wish for a better life. She did, and just as she was about to
make the wish to her father, the Black Dragon, Bao Si Ran was swallowed by
the King and she started having nightmares about the village becoming
inhabited by a spirit. As she awoke from her nightmare, she was shown a
young man carrying a bowl of water and he appeared to be asking for a
blessing for the village she thought was being inhabited by a spirit,
and not by a demon. She thanked him and was shown that he did not know
she had made the wish.

They continued their walk, passing the Black Dragon’s mouth. As she
walked, she was unable to believe that this place was actually a town, so
she did not know how this place even existed. They walked all the way to
the town of the Black Dragon’s mouth and as she walked, she thought about
what had happened.

When she reached the town, she found a man named Zhao Wei from the village
of the Black Dragon’s mouth, who was the eldest son of a man named Zhao
Xiang. This is the town where the man from the village, Bao Si Ran, and a
child from that village, Zhao Wei, lived. She went to the village, Zhao Wei,
and asked him if he had heard about the Black Dragon. He said that he did,
and that he only had one question for her.

She asked Zhao Wei and he said that he would answer her question. He said that
he was a member of the Black Dragon’s clan, Zhao Clan, the village in the
Black Dragon’s mouth, and that he was also a member of the King’s clan,
Zhao King, the village in the King’s territory. The King was in the village
of the King’s territory, the town of the King’s body. The Black Dragon had a
house there, Zhao clan’s house. He had been fed on people who were hungry
for a while, but once he was fed, he had no need to feed more. The King, the
clan leader, had been fed on people who were hungry, but he did not need to
feed more.

She said that this was very strange, and Zhao Wei said that it was also normal
because the King was a good man and a good king, and the King was always
fair and impartial. They continued walking and Zhao Wei said that if she had
the will to know and the resolve, she would know what was happening. The
soul of the King, or soul of the King is the soul that he desires the most
and when the soul wants to go to Heaven, it must first be fed on bodies
before Heaven is able to claim him. The soul can not survive without its
body, so it must be fed and must be fed on bodies in order to be able to
be reborn.

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