The next step was a choice of a direction or not


The next step was a choice of a direction or not. I stepped forward with care, feeling the ice crystals
under my feet and ice crumbs beneath my pantlegs. My feet took me through the
silence of a world of black trees, and I could feel the darkness envelop me. I
could feel my spirit being sucked out by the invisible force. I closed my eyes, and the darkness
was gone. My breathing was slow and even, not at all like the rapid panting of
another man. It felt like my lungs were being filled and emptied out of sync.
Perhaps I was only breathing this way because I wasn’t in my usual surroundings;
I was in a different area of my body. I was standing on the edge of my
consciousness, in limbo, but I could sense the edge was a sharp one. I turned
toward the building, but it did not seem like a place of comfort; it was
nothing but a grey wall which seemed like a dull, grey wall. I had no idea of
where this building stood and it seemed to be moving around me. I could feel
the cold around me, the cold that I had been feeling since setting foot in
this area. I turned, and ran as fast as I could, feeling my body was running on
a separate path than my mind. My mind was still in one of those dreary spaces
in my brain.

When I reached the door of the building, I was standing before some type of door. I knocked on it, hoping it was opening
for me. I kept knocking until I could hear voices through it, and I listened
to their words for a while. It seemed like no one was home, if anyone was
home, the door wouldn’t be open. After some time of knocking and listening
to their footsteps, I finally reached the door, which was open for the first
time since I landed on the building.

“What are you doing here?” The voice was not that of a man. I was not sure if it was a woman or a child, but it seemed like a child.

“Hello, I’m looking for a friend.”

“What friend?” The voice was loud and strong. They seemed to be from this dark area of

“Her name is,” I looked out the doorway before giving a simple sentence to let them read, “Gloria.”

“Gloria.” The reply came back more like a croaking whisper. I wasn’t sure if the child was angry at me or afraid, but I was not
sure either. It was the strange child who let me through the door. I went to
meet this child, “Hey, little one. Do you know where Gloria is?”

“No,” The child looked me over from top to bottom before turning and running away
from me, “Do you know where Gloria is?” I turned to follow the child, not quite
knowing why I was running. I saw a building ahead of me and I ran toward it,
but I ran into some kind of wall. “Why did you do that? I was talking to your

“This is not my child!” I saw a white light, I felt it, not as a physical sensation, but as an energy. “What is this?”

“Gloria!” My voice was low and sounded as if from far away. I could hear it as if spoken from very far away. “Where are you?”

“This is my child.” I reached into my hand, “She is my child! She is safe!”

The light was an invisible energy that connected me to the child, and I felt comfort
being held in my mind. I felt the child being held, the two of us connecting
each other, and I could sense her comfort. It felt good. I pulled myself
through the door, and I was standing in some dark, quiet room. A person was
standing before me, but I did not know why I held a sword.

I moved forward, and he held his sword to me, “Stay back,” The voice sounded soft and faint, “I need your help.”

“You can’t hide from me,” My voice was louder than I would like, but the darkness
in the room was so thick I could’nt see him, “You are about to die.”

“It’s a mistake. I’m not going to die! Help me!”

“Stay back,” I tried to grab him, but I didn’t have enough time to get his shirt off before he pushed me from the
room. I had to grab his shirt at the same time as I grabbed his sword. I felt
my hand grab it before pulling his hand to his side, “Do not fight me,
Pigman. I need your help.” The voice was a little stronger now, and I could
hear the person on the other side of the door. “Do you know where she is?”

“No,” My voice was muffled by the sword in his hand, “Help me, Pigman!” He was
still moving, but the darkness in the room was too dense for me to be able to
see him. “Do not fight me, Pigman!” The voice sounded more like a whisper.
“I’m not sure what’s going on,” I tried to call him back, but I couldn’t
hear him.

“Pigman,” A hand grabbed his hand before I could, and I felt the warmth of it. His
face was a pale color, and his eyes were wild. I had never seen a man in such a
shock before. I had never seen anyone in such a state before, but this man
seemed to be in shock and fear. I was so confused, I did not know who this
man was, for I could feel this man’s name on my mind. I could sense that he was
the one who held the sword to the side of my head. I had a feeling in this man’s
mind who I was, and what was going on.

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