The woman walked out of the house


This house should not have been in Linger. No one would have bought it
without an explanation. That was the first thing that caught her eye. It had
a green tarp tied over the driveway. She thought for a moment that perhaps
Linger would be a home with a green tarp. Then she saw what she was missing
and quickly corrected her mind. No. This house needed a lot of work. The
driveway was barely visible from the outside. The door was painted a dark
brown color that blended in with the rest of the house. But then it stood in
its place and she knew exactly what to do. She stepped out and began wandering
around the place. Even though she was on the second floor, she could still
see everything from the top floor. If she was going to buy, she would need to
do a lot of looking. And she knew exactly how to do it.

The first thing was that she needed to make sure that the place was in good
repair. Then she needed to make sure that the house had a basement so she
could not see it from her place. She took out her pen and drew the lines to
the top of the house on the paper. Then she crossed out the area where the
green tarp was over the driveway. She circled the area again. It was not
perfect, but it would do.

“Well done and well done,” she said happily as she put the marker down. She
began a walk around the front of the house. There was no way she was going to
go into the backyard without a yard light.

She decided to leave the house in her own hands while she searched for a place
to stay. It was a decision she was not going to regret later if it did not
work out. She went back inside the house and started a list of the things that
she needed. A mattress to sleep on. Something soft to lie on. A bathroom
chair to rest on. Then the kitchen chair. A couch, or a small chair. And a
coffee table.

The first thing that she needed to do was to go to the hardware store. She
needed a broom and a mop. A broom would be good.

Then she needed paper towels.

She would have to buy the first things that she needed.

Then she would have to buy the stuff for the room where she would sleep.

She spent the next half hour looking at the paint colors that the house was
paint-wise. At first it was white, but the shades would not look right.
Later on she changed it to pink, but she could not decide what color to use
to cover the green tarp on the driveway. Then she went back to the door that
would never open. She needed a push. She walked around the house again and
again. She decided that the window in the living room needed to be fixed. She
spent the next hour trying to fix the windows. And then she went to the
kitchen and the refrigerator. To find something to put in them. Sooner or
later she would have to think of something to eat to survive and to cook for
herself. But first she had to find out where she would stay.

The house, of course, was in Linger, which meant that she was not allowed to
stay there. And then she would have to go to the police station, get the money
for the rent, and then she would have to check into the hotel. The hotel was
in Linger so she would probably not have the money to pay for the hotel room.
They called the police station and she would have to get the money for the
hotel room. Or, how would she pay for the gas? That was another thing. The
gas in the city only went up to 1 or 2 dollars an hour and she had no idea how
far she would have to drive to get to Linger. She went back to the window in
the living room and tried to fix it again, but nothing happened. The window
would not go up or down, but it did not look like a total loss to her. She
then went back to the kitchen and the refrigerator, and was not sure what she
should buy to go in the refrigerator. She needed a bottle opener, a knife, a
plastic knife or something to cut her cheese. She could see her grocery bill
begin to mount again and she wanted to do something with the money. But for
the first time she realized that there was no way she could just show up at
the police station and ask for the money.

She knew that the police would not be happy if she just simply went to them.
And she could not just show up on her street and ask for the money there. She
would be arrested first and then thrown in jail. And then she would come back
home to a cold, lonely, and confused woman if she had been able to get the
money from the police.

She sat for a second and tried to come up with something. Then she realized
that she needed to take some of her money and buy the things that she needed,
to then go to the police station and get the rest of her money. And she would
have her money, then she would go to the police station, get the rest of the
money, and be off the streets. She would return home to her apartment, where
she would get what she needed to get by on.

She had just made her decision when she saw the door open again. She stood
up and walked to the kitchen where she found three men. Two were standing
over a dead body and the third was holding a shovel.

Both men looked at each other. And the third man had the money that he thought
was hers. He was holding the first $20. That was it. But he seemed to be
thinking about what he was doing. He had made her think about the money.

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