This is a dream I had last night


I’ve been thinking about my dreams. I keep the dreams in a little
folder on the night stand next to my bed. The dream was so vivid in my
memories from my childhood. Yet, it never made any sense in the dream world.
And that’s why I never shared it with anyone.

I’m starting to think I just have this weird and intense connection to my
dreams. If I knew what to get to get rid of it then maybe I would sleep better
again. Now as I sit in my little cubicle and type this out I’m sitting there in
my sweat pants and my old t shirt covered in the dust of my cubicle. With my
eyes closed, I’m going over and over the dream. At the moment I feel so
tired, yet I’m tired enough to sleep. Now as I lie in bed now and look up, I
see the little crescent moon shaped clouds in the sky with yellow like gold.
They look a bit like little birds and some little black birds are flying on
them. And looking up there also, one of those birds flies toward me and then
in my peripheral vision I can see a bright light. What’s a bright light? A
huge shining light and then it changes into the sun. This bright light is so
bright in my eyes. It looks so much like the sun now. I look at it and smile
because it’s so inviting. As I lay in bed right now I feel so relaxed. I
think I want to sleep again, but I know I can’t sleep so easily anymore.

I guess this is one of those times where you just have to write about that
dream. I’m telling you, it’s so vivid. I dream this every night and then I
always get a few hours of sleep. The last time that my mother noticed I was
going to sleep without being able to wake me up, she asked me to please stop
talking and then she went back to talking to someone else. Oh well. Time for

as I lay in bed right now I feel so relaxed.”

In her dream she is sitting in her favorite chair in her spacious room
next to the fire. She is looking at her favorite vase with some colorful
flowers on it. It’s the color pink.

looks like I’m having the same dream as you are.” She says and smiles.

hope not.” The voice behind her says and comes from a dark red colored

she says and looks at the dark figure behind her.

so glad you are awake dear.” The dark figure says and walks into her room.
“I’m trying to get to sleep as well.”

course, you can do what you came here to do.” The dark figure says as he
walks behind her chair.

you.” She says and looks at the vase with flowers on it.

remember to be calm when you are dreaming like me. No matter how scary the
dream is, you can just be calm.” He says and then walks out of her room
behind her.

can do that too. I’m just not very good in my dream walking right now.”

know that and that’s why you came here. We are going to work on that.”

why can’t I do it when I’m awake?” She says and smiles.

you just don’t have the skills.” The dark figure says and laughs.

are you?” She asks as she looks at the figure.

don’t know.” He says and looks around the room.

is in my room?” She asks.

I don’t know who you are talking about.” He says as he looks around the

one is in here.” She says and looks at the red figure.

are dreaming.” He says.

can you know?” She asks.

you know all the answers in your dream.” He says and smiles.

She says and then looks at the figure behind her.

impossible.” The figure says and then looks around the room again.

know, because I tried that.” The figure says and laughs.

that figures because you haven’t been awake long enough for you to know how
fantastic your dream is.” She says and laughs.

you are right.” He says.

you came here to tell me that you didn’t know about me?” She says and sits
down on the couch next to the red figure.

am your dream guide. I have dreamed that I gave you the answer.” He says as
he looks around the room.

I think I’m going to go back to sleep.” She says and smiles.

sleeps for a few moments and then she sees the figure standing behind her again.

as I’m laying in bed I don’t think I’m going to sleep yet.” She says and
then looks around the room.

is a bright light that just won’t go away.” She says and laughs.

because you have been awake for awhile.” He says and then smiles.


you think you might like a dream while you are sleeping?” He asks and
then laughs.

could go out of this room.” She says, and then smiles.

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