This is a typical situation


If it had been one of the guys I was pulling over on the side of the road
and he came up to me and said something like ” Do you need help sir?” I
would have said something like ” Fuck you asshole! I am not going to help
you with anything!”

But this was different. My car was damaged, I got a lot of attention from
the police and I was in need of a tow-truck to drive me home. If the guy is
trying to help me, I am happy to listen to him. If he is trying to push me
off the road for no reason, I will not be held responsible for my actions.

As a matter of fact, while I am writing this post, I am sitting on the
side of the highway, waiting for the tow truck to arrive to take me home. I
have a lot of explaining to do to the police of my actions on Christmas

This is one of my favorite post of 2012 so far! I am so glad I wrote it
and put so much thought into this one.

This is a typical situation, however, my car wasn’t damaged at all,
actually, it was broken into! ” Why?” I asked, feeling angry with myself. This
should have happened last year but it didn’t, or I was too lazy to do it.
This is the second car I have been in a wreck for the year already and the
first one was the first one I was in a wreck for this year.

I had to wait almost two hours to speak with the tow-truck driver to
find out what happened to me. When I spoke to the tow-truck driver, he said
he couldn’t help me with the damage. ” Why not?” I asked. ” The damage was to
my car, nothing to do with me,” he said. ” This is really puzzling,” I said in
a sarcastic tone. The damage was more to my car than his, and I don’t know
why we can’t help each other. ” If you are going to help me and I am
disrespecting you, I am going to treat you the same way I would want to be
treated,” ” You will be treated in the same way I want to be treated”, I
replied with a sarcastic tone. ” I’ve already explained this to you,” the tow-
truck driver said again. ” Is there a problem with me? I am not happy with
this,” he continued.

This is a typical situation when someone tries to take ownership of a
car accident. He didn’t ask me why he couldn’t help me and if he did, I am
not going to give him an answer. If I am in a wreck, I want you to help me,
not the other way around. The only time I want to go to the police and
make out a report against the person who caused the wreck is if he just
caused the wreck. This guy is trying to take ownership of the wreck and I
want to take ownership of my car. I am not going to leave a wreck with a
tow-truck to drive to my apartment.

I guess I shouldn’t have said that the damage was to my car and not to
the guy. My car was fine, I know that much. As for the guy who caused the
wreck, I need him to help me with my problem. I’m not going to waste my
time with someone who doesn’t want to help me.

I don’t plan to take my car back, however, the damage will not be
repaired. All repairs will be done by the tow-truck driver because he
happened to be driving it. I refuse to pay for the repairs and I am not sure
if I will pay for the damage and wait the whole month for repairs or just
wait for the tow-truck to take me to my apartment. If you would like a
private tow-truck to help you with your car damage or if you want to drive
your own car into a snow-bank, let me know and I will find out how much I
can charge.

I didn’t take my car to the police. The police were called to report a
wreck and to ask for a tow-truck. I didn’t want to make people worry, so
I decided to be anonymous and not contact the police. This is just an
anonymous account of my experience with the police.

I have decided to be anonymous because I feel like there is some
confidentiality issue with sharing my story. I know that if I take out a
second mortgage on my home to pay the bills, people will know I had to
pay a lot more because I lost my car and didn’t have to pay a parking
ticket. I know this is an expensive problem and I would like to remain
anonymous to not give people the opportunity to judge me.

When I got my car back from the police, a tow-truck arrived to take me
home. When they reached the scene of the wreck, I asked to speak with the
tow-truck driver.

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