This is the full moon


The full moon comes around every 26 days. Most people don’t see it because
it can only be seen when the moon is full, but you should see it all the
time. It means something for our lives. We know it’s full. The sky should
have two moons, and the moon would not always be there. Only when the moon
was full could you see. And only when it was full did you know it was
full. You’d be so surprised, then. You really wouldn’t. You’d be so
surprised. And you were with us for a long time. So you know it’s full.

And then.

The ground is soaked with water, which is the same thing as sweat. My face
is now a little damp, but I keep working. I can feel the sweat on my skin
as I pick at the crusts of asphalt. The crusts that have formed over the
pavement look black because the suns rays reflect off the asphalt black like
the back of a razor blade. They’re crusts of asphalt you can cut with a
scraper. And the water is running. I’m not worried about the water
because it’s not mine. I just know there is water.

I look up and take a breath. I feel the asphalt against my back, and I move
my hands and begin scratching the asphalt once more. I am sure that somewhere
the sun is beating down and the asphalt is sweating. I can feel my arm hairs
as they stand out on the back of my hand. I feel my breath. The air is cool,
and the sweat is now dripping off my back. I feel the coolness on my back
and I know my sweat is coming from me. The earth gives off heat and that’s it.
The earth is hot as hell. But my sweat is cool, like water, and I know that’s
because it’s raining. The sun is beating down, and I know that’s because it’s
raining. It’s raining. The weather has changed, but I am not worried because
nothing can happen to me anymore. I have no worries. I don’t get cold. I am a

I hear a scream, and my head jerks back and I drop my pickaxe. I jump, because
I didn’t see her because she ran right in front me. The ground is soaked up
with sweat. My arms are aching and my feet are throbbing. My legs can barely
push themselves into the skin, but they’re trying. The pavement is slick and
shiny, and it looks like it can’t be climbed. It’s impossible for me to
climb the slick surface. And I look over and I see her. She looks terrified.
She keeps screaming, and I know she’s not doing it because she is a ghost.
I know for a fact that she is not alive. She’s dead as shit, and I know it.
She is a ghost. I think she’s dead. And I start running.

She is running right after me. I see her coming for me and I stop.
I look at her and she runs past me. She looks at me with those bright green
eyes, like the color of ripe apples and she starts laughing. I turn and walk
away. But she is running right after me. She is not running away from me,
she is running towards me and she is not going to leave. She is crazy. The
ghosts are always trying to kill us because we know they’re all dead. So we
are always running at them. But they are always trying to kill us. One of my
biggest fears is the ghost is going to try to kill me.

She is behind me so it’s easy to turn and walk backwards and I start walking
away. She is right there with me now, and I know she will kill me. I can see
her eyes, so bright and green, and she is smiling and she is happy until I
turn around and walk away. I walk away from her and I don’t look back. I know
she will keep chasing me and I won’t look back. I don’t look back because I
know she will kill me. I know she will catch up to me and I turn around and
walk away and she is right behind me. I walk faster and faster until I run.
I run until I start to feel dizzy. I can’t see. My eyes are swollen shut and
I’m falling and I can’t stop myself. I’m falling, I’m falling all the way
down until I hit the ground in front of the ghost. I feel the ground and I
know the ghost is now dead, because she could not move anymore. And that’s
because she ran right into me, a ghost.

I was dead anyway. And I was dead because of her. I don’t know how she did
it. But I know this was my fault. I was the one who brought her to life. I
brought her back to life because of a stupid decision. I was being stupid.
I knew she was going to kill me. I didn’t know I would have to kill her
too, so I brought her back to life. I brought her back to life and I didn’t
care. Well, now I do care. But I don’t need to know. I know.

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