This is the story of my daughter, Evey


It took me a long time to get over my anger at the world. I felt better
after finding this story.

A couple years ago, my wife and I saw a program on TV about a girl. She was
a little older then Evey. We both liked her even though we had never met her.
She had been abandoned by her mother when she was a baby. The father had
abandoned her too. She had been raised by the only family member that cared
about her.

Her name was Sarah, and she was the sweetest, most loving, most gentle
little girl we’ve ever met. She lived happily ever after.

As the show progressed Sarah made it to adulthood. Sarah was kind and
tolerant. So you could tell she was a very moral person…until she gave her
life for her faith.

I had to pause the program, or give Sarah a hug.

There was something about this story that hit me so deeply. I felt like a
sad, broken shell. It was because of this little girl.

I found out that Sarah, like Evey, had been abandoned by her mother when
she was a baby. She was raised by her single mother. Her father died when
she was 8. At the time she was 8, she was the only family she had. The fact
that she was the sweetest, most loving, most gentle little girl I’d ever
met, made her my daughter.

Evey is much like Sarah and my daughter, except, the difference is that Evey
is my daughter, not hers.

I have had my daughter since she was 19 months old. She has always been her
own person. She has never been my daughter’s favorite. She loves to argue
with me. She likes to talk on the phone to her sisters and brothers and not
her mother. She doesn’t like to read to me.

I always wanted my daughter to have a close, loving bond with her father.
Not for any selfish reason, but because as a single mother it is impossible
to have this bond. Evey had a loving, close bond with her mother.

And now, the world is coming to steal Evey’s life.

As a mother, I try to protect my children from becoming the victims of
human trafficking. Since I know I am not the only mother that fears for
my children’s safety and well-being, I have done everything within my power
to try to protect them. I have set up a website on the internet for them to
post photos, videos, or messages of love and support from their friends,
family, and neighbors.

The problem is that, even after I did everything possible to protect my
daughter, the internet still took my daughter’s life away.

Now, I’m trying to figure out how to stop this from happening to Evey.

I want to believe that God has a plan for me and my daughter, but right now,
I don’t have any idea what he is trying to do. I know that Evey will be
protected from harm if someone finds out who my daughter is, but I don’t know
if I will have a chance with Evey to be the woman that my daughter needs me
to be.

I don’t know if Evey will have that chance, but I am desperate to keep her
safe. Because let me tell you, if Evey has to live like this for the rest of
her life, then I don’t want to be a mother.

To me, it would be a travesty to give my child to a man whose only job
is to exploit her.

We need to do something, because Evey is growing up so fast. She doesn’t
even know who she is. She knows who she is not, and that is a woman
who has been exploited by a man.

It is time to stop, and turn around.

If you have had a similar experience let me know. I want to hear from other
mothers about how their children were taken away from them.

If you are a man, and want to know more about the possibility of having a
lover, please feel free to contact me. I only ask that you answer a few
questions so that I can have a better idea of what you are looking for in
a woman.

I don’t know what the answer is. How can I know what the perfect woman is
until I meet her? It would be so easy to have everything I want, to have
everything I need, and to be everything a human being needs (in a perfect
world, of course, I don’t believe in the perfect world).

My only comfort is that I know my daughter.

I have been praying for God to show me the right way to protect Evey.
I have been praying for God to help me keep her safe. And now I know that He

My family was broken up by the father’s abandonment. My mom did everything
within her power to try to make it work. It was impossible. My dad didn’t
have time to be around. My mother was afraid to look for love. In time,
the father got back together with the mother. I haven’t talked to my mom
much about my dad. My mom is still angry. She is angry at the fact that my
dad isn’t still a part of my life.

My father was a serial killer. He was a serial killer who was caught, then
dismissed from society. My mother didn’t think that the serial killer of
a family was worth a second thought.

My children were taken away from me. I do not have any control over what
happens to them or if they will be safe. What I do have control over is

There are a few things that I have done to try and stop the problem.

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