This is the story of the first time I met the man I am now in love with


Roger and I met over a chat room. He gave me his phone number and asked if I
wanted to go for a drive. I agreed. I was at a bar. A little later he called
me. We went to the mall with his mom. I was a little nervous. He tried to
persuade me to go back to his place. I refused. He offered to give me a ride
on his bike. I told him I will meet him at his place. As we got on his bike,
he told me he has a couple of things he had to say. As he rode in front of me,
I thought he was going to jump on the bicycle and hug me. We just talked and
talked about life and love. He stopped and said how he can’t believe this is
the last time I will see this woman or he will die. I told him that I was glad
to be here, where I belong. He smiled and started riding. I asked him to take
me home and as he turned the corner, he stopped and took me to my house. I was
overjoyed to see him. He told me his mom and dad are dead. I was surprised.
We talked for a while and then he kissed me and said that I was the only
woman he will ever love. I guess he was right. We talked some more. His dad
came to pick him up. We went out for a bite. I told him I had to go. He left
and when he came back, walked up and gave me a kiss and said she will be fine.
His mom and I had a great meal and the next day we had a nice breakfast and
the evening. I had to go back and finish up my work. I called him the
next morning. He said he will come to pick me up at my place. When he did, we
went to his place. He wanted to know I called him and said he doesn’t have a
chance with me. I said he didn’t have a chance, but he wants to stay with me
and he said I will come down. He pulled off his shoes, socks and belt. He told
me he loved me and will always love me. We went to the mall with a couple of
friends and had fun. I thought he was a cool guy, but didn’t know if we would
be together.

One of the things I am most proud of with Roger is the fact we did not get off
on the right foot. When we met, we didn’t seem to get along. We were just
talking about life, and we had a real discussion about who we would like to
see in our life. I am glad we stayed friends and we are still best friends. I
went on a date with Roger’s dad. We went to lunch then to my house. At the end
of the day, he asked me to walk with him to his car. We sat on his front
porch, he told me he will never forget me and that is his pride and joy. He
smiled and said I am a great kisser. That he can’t go wrong. I didn’t know what
I was going to do next, when he said, “Lacey” I knew what he wanted to do. We
kissed and he took me into his arms and he told me that I was the only girl he
ever loved. He told me he can see me every day. He said I will be the one he
loves. This night was everything to me. I never felt so alive before. When we
kissed, our hearts beat in perfect rhythm. We sat on his back porch, I just
wanted him to tell me how much he loves me. He looked at me, he was smiling.
He said he wants to know how he can make love to me, and I told him I want to
be the one to make love to him. He said he wants to make love to me for the
rest of his life. He said he knows we are going to stay married, forever. I
said “We? We…?” He said, “Are you joking?”

He turned and looked me square in the eyes and said, “I know we are going
to be together until the end of time.” I knew this was a joke and I laughed
because he wasn’t serious at all. Then I said I hope that he is right. He
looked at me again and said, “I know this is all a joke.” I told him “I know
we are going to be together until the end of time,” and as he laughed, I just
went inside and cried. When he kissed me goodbye that night, he kissed me on
the lips and said that he has never loved me as much as I love him. We went back
into our home. I took him into my bed and he told me he will never, never
forget me. He just said he loves me and it was all real.

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