Tommy’s mission was to escape from the waking world


He needed to figure out a way to get back to his own body, so that he could
complete his mission without having to go through the motions of a waking
life. There was a way, but it would have to be the hardest thing he’d ever

Tommy had always thought of his astrally-projected consciousness as a real
person, but this was not the case. It was nothing more than a program stored
inside his body. The astrally-projected consciousness was like the
programming language of a smartphone, except that it didn’t run its own
programs. Instead, it carried them out for you. It did this by reading and
executing your subroutines as if it were a physical body.

How did it do this? That’s a question that hasn’t been answered. The only
way to become fully aware of this is through the use of an astrally-projected
consciousness, which is the reason why he was able to achieve his escape
from the waking world, but it is something that will need to be addressed
in the coming years.

Tommy spent the next month studying his new friend… and discovering him to
be something far stranger than he imagined.


A few months before Tommy was born, a large group of friends and family had
gone through a nasty divorce. A lot of the drama was centered around the
possibilities of moving back to their old house. Of course, not even Tommy
could decide to go back home. His parents wanted him to experience life on
the new Earth, and that was something he really didn’t want to do. He
thought that was fine, because it would give him a chance to figure out how
to handle the rest of his life here. This new Earth would be quite
different from his old Earth. The people on it would be nicer, and the
festival would be held every year.

One thing he wasn’t really sure about was what was going to happen to his
mother, since she had also been divorced, and she had lived with both of
his parents. However, he didn’t really know who else to ask. She had no
sister, and she was just a little girl herself. Her mother was old and in a
wheel chair, so there was no one to ask.

He decided to visit her on the second visit to the hospital. The nurses had
just finished washing her hair, and she was very excited about being washed
just like any other. With a big smile on his face, he sat in the chair next
to her bed.

“So, Tommy, I am going to be the new baby.”

Tommy immediately jumped up and started to hug her. “Oh, Mommy! I am sooo
happy. You will be a big brother soon too!”

Mrs. LaFontaine seemed a little stunned about what was going on as she
looked at Tommy and his excitement. She was also very worried about how the
surgery was going to go. The doctors had asked her if she wanted to keep the
baby alive to watch over her, and she hadn’t had a choice. They had said
that if she wanted to keep him alive, if she didn’t want to lose him, they
would give her a choice. If she wanted the child, they would take the child
out and put him in storage, and they would make sure he was found. Otherwise,
the child would die, and Mrs. LaFontaine would be the one to decide his fate.

While she was in the hospital, Tommy had visited her often, and he had seen
enough of the reality of life on Earth to know that it would be really hard
for his mother to go through with such a harsh choice. So, when the thought
came to him of how he could make sure that she chose to keep the baby and he
wouldn’t die, he took those words to heart. He knew how it would be if he
had to take a life to save his life, and he decided that he would do it for
his mother, even though he didn’t understand why at the moment.

“Mommy, I am so sorry to come here and upset you, but I know that you will
make the right decision in your heart. Please, please do come back to Earth,
to stay with me. I have thought about what you said, and I know how
uncomfortable it would be for you to make such a decision, so I know you are
making the right one.”

He held his breath while Mrs. LaFontaine seemed to mull over his words.
She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, but he couldn’t tell if she
relented or not. When she spoke, she said, “Tommy, I am in so much pain from
the surgeries. What if I lose the baby?”

“Mommy, just because you lose the baby, doesn’t mean that I have to die. If
you love me, you will make the right choice in your heart.”

“I love you, Tommy. But I am afraid of what will happen if I can’t live
without you. I might die.” He got up to try to hold her hand, but when she
told him that she wasn’t allowed to hold him, he was sad. This was the
kindest thing that he could do for her. He told her that he understood, how
she had felt in the past, but at that point, she just needed to remember that
he loved her. He also told her to make the right decision in her heart. He
urged her to believe that he would do anything for her. So, she decided
that she did love him, and she made her decision in her heart.

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Tommy’s mission was to escape from the waking world

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