A young soldier, now known as Private Luke Roberts, was sent to fight in Iraq


The young soldier woke up about 1 month later on May 9th, 2010, in a hospital in
Kuwait, having lived through a life-changing experience. Luke had been brought
to Kuwait by his parents. His mother was still in hospital and his father was
fighting a battle for survival.

In a matter of days, his father died and Luke was left with only his mother.
She, unaware of his involvement in the war, gave him a room in her own home
and gave him the clothes he was wearing. Luke was then sent into the
neighbourhood in Kuwait where he was told to stay at a place in the desert near
the border. He was told that he would be given clothes and blankets by a nurse
who would care for him. He was unaware of what had happened to him.

Luke was unaware of everything. He was totally unaware about the war that was
taking place around him. Even though he had been sent by his mother, he was cut
off by the army and told to fend for himself. The only reason he knew what had
been happening was because of the war films he watched with his father in the
mornings. There were plenty of times he had watched such war films, wondering
about what would happen and hoping for it all to be over. Even though he was
unaware of the war right in front of him, Luke was oblivious. One day, he
thought he would be given a rifle by a soldier and he would be sent into battle.
He prayed that he would be sent into battle and was rewarded when he was sent
into action and did his part. Luke never thought that he would be left by the
army when he saw the men of his platoon being slaughtered by the enemy.

The war ended and the young soldier, now known as Private Luke Roberts was left
wanting to know what was happening. He was told that he had been lucky, he
had survived and, if he had been killed, he would be remembered as a hero.
However, he did not know what that meant. Luke remained in this desert for a
few weeks more then he heard anything else, the government finally sent him to
Al-Hamra to be with his family where he had his first real family members to
relate to, and to live with in peace. The war was over and Luke was told that,
what he had done was for the sake of his family and fellow soldiers. His war
was over and what had happened was nothing more than a dream. He was given an
armlet that he was to wear for the rest of his days and he was told that his
father had been his hero. The war was over and Luke had a dream that he could
return to the United States and be with his family. He was unaware that he
could not return to the United States, but was told he would be able to go back
once the war was over, and he lived in Kuwait the rest of his life.

Private Luke Roberts was born in 1980, in a small rural town called
Milton, Indiana. He did not know the war at all until he was 13 years old
when he saw the movie Braveheart. It was the first time he had seen a war film
like this and the first time he had seen the American flag. The war,
although he knew nothing about it, he thought that was what they were talking
about. Some time after that, he would learn the truth of what war meant.

Luke spent 3 years at a community college teaching English in South Korea to
young people from that nation who were going to be sent to combat with the
United Nations. He learned a great deal about the different cultures and
traditions of the country, and was proud to be able to teach these young
people about the culture that they were to fight. After his time with the
young people, Luke worked for many years in an office building as a computer
programming analyst.

In 2003, the young soldier came out of the office building and, using the
information he had on the computer, he looked up the name of the person to
whom he had been sent to fight. He was told that the person was named John
Kennedy. He, at first, liked the name, because it was a name he had liked in
the yearbook when he was in high school. For the next 3 days, he watched the
news on CNN from the United States and learned about the recent event as it
happened. He did not know the truth, but was amazed at the amount of
celebration the people in the United States had about the event.

Luke’s mother died about 1 1/2 months later due to complications during her
pregnancy. She was an only child born on October 20th, 1985. The next year,
Luke was on a school trip back to Indiana to visit the house he had grown up in
for the Christmas holidays. He walked up to the front door when he saw a
car driving up to the house. Luke had never been to Indiana before, he
thought it must be a dream, and then was shocked to recognize his old house as
it had looked like a dream on the Christmas trip. In the middle of the
house, standing there was Kennedy.

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