Savannah walked into the living room and looked at Beau


“Hey, little lady I didn’t think you’d come out this late.” Beau was still
cussing at her, but she ignored it, running to him.

“I was out walking the dogs and ended up at the convenience store, so I called
in.” Savannah ran and wrapped her arms around him, pulling him into her

“Oh boy I’m glad you could come out and join us. I had the most amazing day
today and couldn’t wait to see you.” Beau smiled, taking her in his arms.

“Sav-So it took you guys long enough to get ready?” Savannah teased. “Oh I
see, you’re all nervous about today, huh?” She grinned against his cheek.

“Are you kidding? Of course I’m nervous. It’s the first time we’re doing this
new camping thing, it’s my first day and I’ve never done this before.” Beau

“Come on, sit down and we can talk about it over lunch.” Savannah pulled herself
away from his arms, sitting on the edge of the couch and smoothing them
down. “You’re so nervous I thought you were going to pass out.” Beau laughed.
She looked at him and he grinned. “You don’t have to tell me I’m nervous. It’s
definitely a first for me to be doing this. We’ve never done this camping
thing before, never had the money for this kind of trip, never had the
money to do this.” He looked up at Savannah, resting her head on his shoulder.

“Well, I didn’t know what time you wanted to leave the house so I let you
sleep in and picked you up. We should probably head up tomorrow morning so you
can get an early start,” Savannah looked at Beau.“But you will let me eat my
breakfast in the morning or would it be too early to call a wake up.” Beau
smiled at the words.

“I don’t know if I’m all morning, but I’ll get up early too so you could call
in and let us know you’re coming.” Savannah looked at them both. “Oh, and
be sure to get my hair cut.” She looked at Beau and he grinned.

“I’ll do that, I’ll get right on it.” He grinned back. Savannah opened the
door to the outside and smiled at her brother who was still sitting in the
doorway. He waved at her and she walked over to him, running her hand along
his cheek.

“What are you guys up to.” Savannah looked at Beau. “I’m sure they’re just the
guys waiting for you.” She winked at him.

“Well, now I think I’m going to be an uncle before too long. I’m probably
gonna have ten aunts and uncles that need a place to sleep while they were
sleeping and I’m not going to have to pay for a motel room and get my car
towed.” He laughed and she turned to him.

“So you got the perfect gift- for me.”Savannah looked at him again and then
looked down at his hand that she was still holding. “Oh, I know exactly what
you’re going to get for me.” She opened her mouth to ask what he got. “Well
come on Beau, we’ve got this weekend to relax, enjoy our friends, we’ve got
this weekend to make sure everything works out for camp, and then we’ll have
more fun when we head out.” She said smiling.

“You know who’d be perfect for camping with us?” Beau looked up at her.
“Derek.” He smiled. Savannah looked at him and smiled.

“I know my brother.” Savannah looked at Derek and smiled at him. “Well come
on Derek, I want to see you make that first tent.” She laughed.

“I could.” Derek looked at Savannah and smiled at her.

“You could.” Savannah looked at him and smiled.

“So come on Beau. I want to see you give me that first tent.” Savannah got to
his knees, reaching her arms towards him and pulling him up.

“Okay, we got five minutes.” Beau said, standing up and walking towards the
tent, stopping to pull his coat off, he grabbed the straps and took it over.

“We’re going to be just fine.” Savannah looked over to where Derek was

“We’re going to be just fine.” Derek walked towards the tent and took a
seat and laid his back on another one of the many poles. He looked at the
three boys. Savannah shrugged. Derek looked her up and down smiling.

“You’re not wearing that blue one are you?” Savannah said and Derek laughed.
Savannah was still laughing at him.

“I know the blue one.” Derek smiled.

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