The green eyes looked at Danielle, and then at the knight


“Sorry,” Danielle said, as she saw the last of the needles float out of sight,
and the wall in front of the knight collapsed.

She looked back down at the green eyes. “Is it gone?” she asked.

Carson turned its big green eyes in front of her then, looking at the face
of the girl who had gone to it in her dreams.

“It is gone,” she said.

“Don’t you dare be sorry,” Carson said, looking at her. She thought, but
didn’t say out loud.

“I saw your father in the dream,” Carson said, and then turned her gaze away.

“Why is it talking to you?” Danielle asked, as the green eyes turned its gaze
away from her and back to the wall.

“It’s curious,” Carson said, “because my name is Carson, and I’ll tell you
something. Carson is for Carson’s sake, my good, I would have named a dog
after him.”

“How did you know my name!” Danielle asked, with her heart racing, even as
she was still waiting for the next part of Carson’s revelation.

“I can see your dreams,” Carson said.

“Why would you do that? If you could see my dreams, why didn’t you tell me
my name?” she asked.

“It’s because I cannot see your dreams,” Carson said. Then it said, “There is
always one that lives in other people. It is like there is not a me, but just
a person. It comes out of dreams and gives dreams meaning. I see your dreams
in the same way I see the dreams of everyone else. This is because they are
a reflection of your soul.”

“My soul?” she asked.

“Of course you can’t see what happens but they are always the meaning in a

Danielle glanced down to the floor. She thought, but didn’t say it out
loud. What would she lose?

“One of the knights said this is my fate. I am meant to save the world,”
Danielle said. She was not sure how she felt about that.

Suddenly the green eyes looked at her. “That’s true,” it said. Then it said,
“It was not a dream. It was really me. This is a dream I’ve been having.”

“What do you mean?” Danielle asked. But she did not get an answer. The
green eyes looked elsewhere, then turned back to her. It spoke in a whisper.

“And it is not lost in the end.” Then it turned to the knights on the wall.
It spoke in a whisper again. “This is my story,” it said. “But you must
find the truth of it.”

“The truth?” said the first knight. “How do you know?”

“Because I have been trying to tell you.” Carson said.

“What’s your story?” the knight asked.

“It’s not my story,” Carson said. “Your story is.” Then it said, “But you
must let me through.”

“How are you connected with the knights here?” asked the knight on the wall.

Carson said nothing for a few moments, then looked out the window.

“There is a reason this is here. I am not going to tell you that. This
story is about an old man who lived here a long time ago. He was an old
tree. He used to hold the sky and everything in it. He was a monster. You
know the stories—the one about a man who lived who was so evil that he was
the devil.”

The knights gasped. A look of wonder spread over the faces of the ones
facing Carson.

“The evil of the man was that he tried to bring his soul to his body. He
thought it was a life, and he killed everyone he saw. He used to sit under
a tree where he could see into the sky. He would try to think of who was
going to live because he wanted to watch their lives.”

Carson looked out the window.

“He used to sit in the tree. And in the end he was sitting under it. The
moon was full. People came to get him to eat. He could not hold anything
down, but he had to sit in the tree.”

“Why?” asked the first knight.

“Because his soul was so evil he wanted to be like hell,” said Carson. “I
have seen myself and your dreams.”

“That’s not my story,” the first knight said, but still he looked

“That’s not your story,” Carson said again.

“That’s not your story,” the second knight said.

“That’s my story,” said Carson. “Your story is, because this is a vision,
but there is so much more to it. Yours is only half the story.”

“But what does the other half say?” asked the first knight.

“You can’t know yet,” Carson said. She looked down at the green eyes that
were looking up at her again. “Your story is there, and your half is here.”

Sudden movement caught its attention back to the room. They turned on Danielle
and began to fight. She was the bait that would lure it in.


Piper and her parents came home from class. They had just gotten back
from a trip to a local lake. She saw her dad, dressed in plaid Bermuda
pants and a blue tank top that had never been washed. Her mom, dressed in a
blue tube top and a blue tube skirt, was in a pair of sweat pants. They
looked like they were from a department store, but they were sweatpants.

Danielle was cooking dinner. Piper had brought home burgers, chips, and
dessert. It was not a big meal, but it was better than she had eaten in a
while. The smell of dinner made her stomach rumble. Her parents saw something
they had never seen before.

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The green eyes looked at Danielle, and then at the knight

“Sorry,” Danielle said, as she saw the last of the needles float out of sight, and the wall in front of the knight collapsed. She looked back down at the green eyes. “Is it...

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