The sounds of the war came closer, as Luke was running away from the fighting, he saw his company in front of him


Returning to his squad, Luke picked up his machine gun and charged forward
toward the enemy. This time I will make sure that I die a noble death.

When he reached the enemy, he opened fire on the group of enemy soldiers
to their right, killing three of them in quick succession. He aimed at the
fourth man, but it was too late, his aim was off due to the angle and his
bullets went through him, killing him instantly. Another enemy soldier
came out of nowhere and opened another volley from his AK-47, Luke stopped
his machine gun fire and pulled the trigger, but nothing happened. He
decided to run over to his second squad mate, Private Travis Wilson, who was
now taking on a squad of two enemy soldiers.

Travis was just about out of range when he fired his machine gun, putting
more of the enemy down than he had killed. Luke dropped from sight, but
another enemy soldier came out of nowhere and put a round into Travis. Now
with four shots in his chest, it was too dangerous to continue any shooting.

Looking around, Luke noticed that the other one was a Russian, but he was
not sure if they were comrades or enemies. There was no way the Russians
could be friends if they were trying to kill each other. Turning away from
the enemy, Luke sprinted away from the soldiers and started to run back
toward the rest of his company. He saw a Russian walk up to a tank and
start firing a rocket launcher. The tank immediately crashed into the ground
and then exploded.

The sounds of the war came closer, as Luke was running away from the fighting,
he saw his company in front of him. They were engaged in a firefight with
the Russians, but they were still far from the enemy. A grenade exploded
in front of Luke and sent him flying across the field. He saw another
enemy soldier take cover behind a wall just in front of a tank. Luke
picked up his M16 and took aim at the enemy soldier. He squeezed the trigger
and fired. He heard a loud bang and a small firework hit the ground behind
him, lighting up the night.

Looking down at his M16, he saw that it was in perfect working condition.
He had fired a full clip of his 30-30, a full magazine of 5.56 mm ammunition,
and the round had impacted the same distance from the enemy soldier as he
was aiming. The M16 had been silenced, and he was now a one-man fighting

Shouts of victory came from the other side of the field, as the Russian had
been sent back to the hospital to get some help. Still, it was too soon to
stop the attack, so Luke turned and started back toward his squad. He did
not look back at his body. The soldiers would be fighting off the Russians
and any other Russian soldiers, he would be fighting off the Americans.

The enemy was making a run for a bunker in the distance, but it was just
ahead of him. Luke had to avoid running through the open field of fire, and
also keep from being hit. He ran through the brush, hoping to find the
bunker in the darkness.

What you must do is leave me with time, and the darkness will follow.

Luke jumped over the grass and hit the dirt just as he heard a loud bang.
There had been another explosion, but it did not matter, he would now be
able to make it to the cover of the bunker.

As he ran, he saw another explosion, and before he could hear an answer, the
Russian was in front of him. As the Russian fired a small rocket at him,
Luke rolled away, avoiding the missile just in time, and then he grabbed
a tree and climbed up it, avoiding the Russian’s gun.

The Russian was firing a grenade, the moment the grenade hit the ground, his
weapon was released, it threw him at two enemy soldiers below, causing them
to drop on the ground and die. Luke saw that he was not going to be able
to use his weapon to kill as many enemies with this weapon as he had killed
with his machine gun, he would now have to use his knife.

Luke climbed down the tree as the Russian kept firing his weapon, and continued
his grenade attack, the Russian aimed at Luke and fired the grenade at him,
but it went off right next to his chest. Luke dropped to the ground in pain.
The Russian continued to fire his grenade, but then it struck the tree right
next to Luke, causing his knife to pop out of the sheath and fall to the
ground just in front of him. The Russian was now trying and failing to find
Luke, but as he jumped, a grenade exploded, throwing him onto his back from

The grenade landed right next to him, blowing off the top of his head,
but he did not feel it. He was not dead however, and he rolled to get out of
the way of the grenade and got out the way of the explosion. He rolled to
his feet and saw the other Russian rushing at him with a knife, this time
the knife was in his right hand, and he raised it to strike Luke in the
neck, but he missed.

The Russian swung the knife, it connected with Luke’s head, and he was knocked
to the ground, the Russian was now on top of him. Before he could react,
the Russian swung the knife in his direction again, this time missing, and
he was on the floor again.

Once more, the Russian swung his knife, this time as he looked down at Luke,
he saw that Luke was holding his knife in his right hand. The Russian rushed
at him with a knife raised in front of him, but before he had time to react,
Luke reached into his pocket and pulled out a grenade.

The Russian saw his chance and swung his knife toward Luke, it connected with
Luke’s chest, but he was ready for it, he jumped backward from the force
and landed on his back. Now the Russians were both on the ground, facing
each other, they were now a man short.

The Russians saw the possibility of victory and began moving closer to each
other. They were now two men to one and a man down.

Luke jumped to his feet as he saw the Russians move toward each other and
dodge one another, but as they moved closer and closer to each other, Luke
also moved faster, quickly dashing behind the Russian and grabbing his knife.

The Russian saw the chance and swung his knife, it struck Luke in the chest,
disabling his knife, but it allowed his arms to slide out of his jacket.
The Russian ran back to the other side of the field, Luke ran to the other
side of the field and saw that he was the first man standing in front of
the bunker, with the enemy soldier still on the ground.

Luke looked at the bunker in the darkness, he could not see what was there,
but he saw that it was filled with equipment. The entire roof was covered
with it, and it was made of metal. Luke grabbed the barrel of the rocket,
aimed it, and fired.

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